Blog Birthday & Giveaway

This post is a little bit premature, but since I'll be far too busy to post this weekend, I thought I'd celebrate early. The 9th of February marks my blogs 3rd birthday. That is 3 years of writing about fashion and beauty, countless hours that have gone into my blog and 1095 days of pure enjoyment. Blogging is the one thing in my life besides my future husband that makes me really happy. It is something that I can spend hours doing and it doesn't feel time consuming. I feel like my blog is my little bit of real life escapism. 

During the last three years I have had many amazing opportunities, all of which would not have happened without hours of writing dedication and passion for my blog. I have managed to go to London Fashion Week, secure internships with highly established companies, been invited to press events and also, I have gained many friends. Blogging has brought me out of my shell and given me a new lease of life - I am now someone I never thought I would be, but in a good way. I'm now confident, happier than ever and highly ambitious and I have finally found the industry I would like to work in. 
To celebrate my blog birthday, my new blog layout and to give a little bit back to all my readers, I have teamed up with Fitflops to give away these pink pair of sneakers worth £75 to one of my lucky UK or USA readers. The competition launches today and runs until the 28th March to ensure you all have a chance of entering. This sneakers are perfect for the spring time and how can you not love a pair of pink sneakers for your outfit? Terms & Conditions apply. Under 18s must ask permission. 



  1. Happy bloggy birthday :))

  2. janine DayelBaker3 February 2014 at 03:17

    Happy blogging birthday well done

  3. Yay! Happy blog birthday xx

  4. Happy blogging birthday! I think it's great that blogging has given you so many opportunities and you still enjoy it after so much time! :) Toni xxx

  5. Happy blog birthday!
    This is such a great giveaway, I really enjoyed my FitFlop giveaway :)

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

  6. Wow fab giveaway , thanks for the chance xx

  7. Please allow Rafflecopter competition entry via e-mail, comment etc.

    Rachel Craig

  8. happy premature 3rd birthday :)

  9. happy blog birthday x

  10. Doing a blog for three whole years is doing really well
    A nice pair of sneakers is what feet really need
    Giving away a present on your Birthday is something quite novel
    I want them so much it is time to grovel

  11. well done. keep at it


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