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In recent months I've waxed lyrical about how much I love various perfumes and my collection and whilst scrolling few my posts last night, it came as a surprise that I haven't actually done a complete perfume collection post yet. Perfume is probably the one thing that I couldn't live without. You can take away all my chocolate, even take away my beautiful nail polishes, but come anywhere near my perfume collection and I'll turn savage. I don't know what it is, but they're like my babies. I love seeing all the beautiful bottles lined up on my dressing table and having a morning sniff around the various scents trying to decipher which one fits my mood. This isn't my entire perfume collection, but it's a sample of the best I currently have on my dressing table.

The first bottle in my collection is the Elie Saab - I've actually got two bottles of this and a travel sized bottle since my beautiful fiance bought me some when he saw it running out. He says he loves the scent and it very much reminds him of me. The Elie Saab has top notes of Orange Blossom, middle notes of jasmine, all combined with flowery base notes. This is probably one of my more sophisticated scents and I love how long it lasts. 

The second bottle is the beautiful new fragrance from Michael Kors, The Michael Kors Jasmine. The MK Jasmine combines scents of Jasmine, Cassis and Sandalwood to give an alluring flowery, yet earthy fragrance. As much as I love how this perfume smells and I wear it everyday, I am slightly disappointed that it doesn't last as much as my other fragrances. However, I'm a massive fan of anything Michael Kors so I can easily see myself investing in this again.

La Petite Robe Nore by Givenchy is my latest perfume, bought in the boxing day sales at Boots. It has a more musky aroma than than I'm used to and is very different from the usual floral scents I buy. I love the deep aroma of the black cherry top notes and I find this probably one of my more seductive fragrances. The bottle is really pretty and perfect for any fashionista that would like to combine her love of clothing and perfume.

Next on this list is the Escada Cherry in the Air fragrance. As the name suggests, the fragrance is quite a sweet cherry smell and if you love your girl next door, sweet scented perfumes this would suit you nicely. This perfume stays on rather well, but I find the bottle lacks any personality. The bow that came on the side when I bought it was a nice touch though.

Versace Bright Crystal is the perfume that I bought before Christmas and still haven't really used yet. I bought it mainly because I fell in love with the packaging and didn't even get to sniff the perfume beforehand. When I opened it, I was lucky and taken by surprise of how much I actually like this perfume. It's floral, fruity and a little bit musky, a perfect combination of all the scents I like. 

Next on the list is the Jimmy Choo Exotic. For the last few years I've had an obsession with Jimmy Choo and it's since become my signature perfume. It's the fragrance that most my friends recognise, that's symbolic of mine and my partners relationship and the fragrance I trust. The Jimmy Choo Exotic is a little bit sweeter than the original Jimmy Choo, comes in a much more vibrant bottle and it's incredibly fruity. I love the vibrancy of this bottle and the fact that I always get compliments whilst wearing it.

The seventh bottle of my list is the Diesel Lover dose. I love this bottle and it's easy to carry around on a daily basis. The scent is rather oriental with Vanilla, Amber and wood notes. It's alleged that Diesel Lover dose contains molecules that stimulate the part of your brain that is responsible for attraction. I'm not entirely sure it works, but for all those single ladies, it's worth a shot?

My So Hooked on Carmella Eau De Toilette is a fragrance I bought years ago and I still love dearly. Unfortunately it's getting rather empty now and it will need repurchasing. If you love sweets and have a sweet tooth, this fragrance is perfect. It smells like you've just walked into a candy shop and really grabs the attention of the boys. 

The original Jimmy Choo Eau de Perfume is probably one of my favourite perfumes and I've gone through several bottles of it. It reminds me of my friends wedding, meeting my now fiance and the start of university, which is many pivotal changes in my life. I actually think this will end up being my wedding perfume as it's such highly significant in my life. I remember rushing to Boots the day it came out and I've never looked back. The original Jimmy Choo is widely describe as "feminine yet empowering" and has fruity notes as well tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian Patchouli.

Sorry about the blurriness of this photo, I don't know what went wrong
The final perfume is one of my only celebrity based perfumes, Nude by Rihanna*. I'm not overly blown away by the packaging, but I do love the scent. It has a fruity, oriental fragrance like most of the perfumes I go for and has notes of Guava Nectar, Mandarin, Pear, Sandalwood, musk and Vanilla Orchid. I'm not usually one for celebrity perfumes, in fact this was gifted to me last year by a lovely PR company. I'm so thankful that they gave this to me as it's really opened my eyes to such a beautiful, unique scent.

So, what is your favourite perfume?



  1. Really want to give one of the Michael Kors scents a go! The packaging is lovely!

    Samantha xo

  2. Your collection looks great, I love collecting miniatures.

  3. You have a fab collection!! I love Elie Saab, it's without a doubt my favourite scent, I also love Roberto Cavalli too.

    Great post!

    Helen X


  4. what a lovely collection ! I recently purchased the daisy marc jacobs .Definitely recommend it .

    Greets from Manchester



  5. I have Ellie Saab, it is gorgeous isn't it.
    I have tried Jimmy Choo on a number of occasions, I can see this being a future purchase.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  6. I have so many perfumes to get through at the moment - I have to admit I love Loverdose thought I would hate it but it's actually lovely - I have a bottle of Rhiannas on the side as well I'm yet to open but after your description I think I'll crack it open thank you. x

  7. I have quite a few perfumes as well, though I haven't got my hands on a Michael Kors scent yet, lucky you!!

  8. I love your perfume collection! <3 And I want Guerlain, that bottle is so gorgeous! :D


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