The Many Hairstyles of Forevermissvanity

Four years ago, my hair meant everything to me. I went from pink to black, purple to brown and had many variations of cut from the classic bob to long tousled hair with a full fringe. This was when I did hairdressing and getting up every morning meant my hair had to be in a perfect state. If you didn't experiment with your hair, you would be classed as boring, if you didn't cut your hair nearly every two weeks you 'wasn't in style'. I loved hairdressing, the socialising, the chance to be creative, but it wasn't me. I longed to write, get a degree and create a career for myself. There's only so many blow waves I could handle and as my course dragged along, I found myself humming 'Beauty School Dropout' from Grease. Nevertheless, I managed to finished my qualification and before I went onto study Media and later go to University to study Journalism. The fact that I'm a qualified hairdresser is something I rarely let people know. It's been years since I touched a pair of scissors, do you really trust me cutting your hair for the sake of a saving money? I don't think so. 

It's not losing the skills that has really bothered me about my hairdressing past, after all it's like riding a bike I'm pretty sure I'd pick it back up, it's my lack of willing to experiment with my hair that has gone missing. Being a hairdresser, it was in my nature to play around with colours and get stylish cuts, but the last few years I've settled with safe colours and the standard one length style. I'm getting bored, but I'm in such a style rut even I don't know what to do with myself. My spontaneity in the hairdressing department has vanished and my hair is suffering as a result.

This year I'm wanting a change, but right now I'm not sure what to go for. I absolutely adored my long blonde hair, but if I bleach my hair again it would probably be a disaster. My full fringe was the envy of most of friends at one point, but my hair growth pattern makes it stick up unless it's properly blow dried. These days I'm buying half wigs all the time and trying to play with different styles, but sometimes it would be lovely to go out with my natural hair looking naturally fabulous, something right now I can't see happening. It doesn't help either that my wedding is in 9 months and I have to be careful of how much I change my style in case I hate it and can't get rid of it before the wedding. 

My plan of action for the moment is to put off changing the colour or getting any dramatic cuts, but to improve the health of my hair and style experimenting with a few different styles. Adding curls every couple of days might give my hair a new lease of life and when it's healthy, hair always looks better. I'm planning on investing in more Macadamia hair products as I've always found them to give my hair excellent shine and nourishment and I would also love to try these sleep in rollers as I've tried sleeping in my other rollers in the past and they're very un-comfy. Finally, I plan on purchasing more half wigs and some good quality remy extensions, like the high quality brazilian hair from Pauls Hair World.Clip in hair are a great way to change your look*, I don't think I would survive without them. I have many clip in and half wigs right now, like the ombre half wig from Wonderland Wigs and the straight long locks from a seller on Ebay. Before I do anything dramatic, I need to see if I can love the hair I already have. Then, if I find that i'm really not happy I can start making changes. The worst thing is walking into the hairdressers and getting a spontaneous hairdo. Sometimes it works, but I've always been hit with regret.

Do you have any plans to change your hair this 2014?
 And which out of my hairstyles do you prefer?



  1. You look great in any hairstyles!! I love the idea of sleep in rollers, is the brand just called Sleep-In Rollers?

  2. You're so lucky you can carry off so many different looks! I tried dying my hair brunette once and it really didn't work for me :( I'm in desperate need of a cut and colour soon. Have you considered going short? Lots of bloggers seem to be going for the chop at the moment - I can't carry off short hair so I won't be! x x

  3. Lovely looks and the hairdressing will always come in handy.


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