In Love With Fashion: Blogger Challenge

It's incredibly rare that I ever take part in any blogger challenges, however the recent In Love with Fashion monthly challenge grabbed my attention. Each of their bloggers have been asked to create an outfit on a budget surrounding one of their sale dresses. After skimming through their sale items, I fell in love with this Love Red Gathered Sleeve Tea Dress at the bargainous price of £22. I could easily see myself wearing this dress to work, to go shopping and dressing it up for a night out, it's so versatile. The colour is really bright, sticking to my New Years Resolution of adding brighter colours to my wardrobe and it also looks sophisticated, following my plans to go for a more demure wardrobe for when I'm married next year.

I'm teamed the In love With Fashion dress with an affordable £1 pinkish red lip from MUA, a pair of kitten heels from, a pearl inspired necklace from ASDA at £6 and a beautiful vintage inspired bag from Ebay at around £18. This outfit comes in at £52 (excluding shipping) and I think that's a perfect price for a complete outfit. After all in some high street stores you can't even get a t-shirt for less than £30.

Overall, I love this outfit. It's great for adding a burst of colour this January and will also see you through to Valentines Day in February, after all red is the colour of love.  If I wasn't on a spending ban I'd probably rush out and buy each item straight away. This doesn't stop you though, I recommend going over to the In Love With Fashion website and checking out their sale items, there's so many beautiful pieces for you to snap up, especially if you're trying to reinvent your style this season.


  1. Stunning bag! I absolutely love Mulberry - their styles are timeless :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Such a pretty colour for a dress! And the cut looks beautiful too! Great post!

    Samantha xo

  3. Oh my gosh - I want that necklace!!! Eek

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

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