Skin Chemists Bee and Snake Venom Products

When I first heard about the Skin Chemists range I had very mixed opinions about their products. I can be quite skeptical when it comes to high end beauty products using crazy ingredients claiming that it will take 10 years off you and that you'll look radiant after one use. I'm not saying that Skin Chemists said anything of those things, but the Bee Venom Facial Serum did feel like a bit of a gimmick. I then googled Bee Venom facials and found out that they had been creating a buzz (pardon the expression) in the celebrity world. The royal family, Caroline Flack and Kylie are amongst several celebrities that swear by products infused with bee venom.  In an article published on the Daily Mail (7/2/2013) the newspaper released some fun facts about bee venom products. Apparently "The Korean government has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into bee venom research, including applications for serious health problems such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis." Clearly if the Korean government rate it so highly, it must be good for our skin right?

I put this theory to the test by trying out the Skin Chemists Bee Venom Facial Serum*. For those cruelty free beauty product lovers, fear not, the venom is released in a light powder and does not harm the bees upon collection.  According to the Skin Chemists website: "Infused with bee venom and Manuka honey, this light gel moisturises and refreshes the skin and contains key ingredients and plumping agents, helping you get the skin you have always dreamed of. At first I was a bit apprehensive about using this product, Would I have an allergic reaction? Would it sting? Bee venom can cause severe allergic reactions if you're not careful so it is always advised that you do a patch test before use.  Luckily I'm fine, but I know that my dad swells up like a balloon if he comes in contact with anything Bee related - let that be a warning for anyone who thinks they can use products like this without testing themselves first. My initial reaction to using the product was that I liked the fragrant smell and that it applied smoothly onto my face without any irritation. At £135 a pot, this product isn't exactly cheap, but you feel the luxury within the products texture. It doesn't feel lumpy, sticky or irritating. It is smooth as silk and soft as cashmere. I was rather impressed that there was no sting either. It was like using any other facial product. I could feel my skin ever so slightly tighten on application which must have been my faces reaction to the venom penetrating my skin, but other than that it felt great. After a few days of use, I noticed that my skin had become revitalised and that I looked more glowing than usual. Admittedly I don't use many facial serums in my routine, so maybe I've only noticed the difference because I don't actually use them. Nevertheless, it felt great and it's definitely a product I wouldn't dismiss for everyday skin regime.

The second product I tried from the Skin Chemists range is the Wrinkle Killer which includes synthetic snake venom. I know I'm only 22 and wrinkles should be the last thing on my mind, but I'm very much a forward planner. If there's something I could use that will help delay the aging process I'll give a shot. At the moment I'm not seeing much results other than my skin feels softer and looks in better condition. This could be down to either products I've been using and until I've tried this a little bit more, I can't really form an opinion.

Overall I quite like both of the products. I do think they are a little bit overpriced, but I also believe in investing in good quality products. Would I repurchase these products? At the moment I'm a little bit undecided, but right now I'm loving the results.



  1. You're right, it's better to use products that can prevent or delay wrinkles now than waiting for it to appear then finding a solution on how to get rid of it.
    I'm glad that you liked both products! The last time I tried something that has bee venom and snail slime (both are really good for the skin) in it I got pimples on my chin which rarely happens. OTL Now I have to find a product that can make the dark spots on my chin less visible. :/

  2. I think I'd heard of a "bee sting facial" in a celebrity magazine before. But I had no idea they'd brought out bee venom and snake venom as skin care products! Definitely up for giving these a go, but not at those prices! :( x x

  3. I've never heard of bee venom in beauty products, but it's good to see a review of it! It's far, far too expensive for me, so for now I'll have to stick to my Superdrug and Boots options!

    Janey x

  4. I have started using anti ageing products, prevention is easier that curing! I have heard about bee sting in products and treatments but I wasn't entirely sure how they did it. Great review, but its a shame their prices are so high!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Bee Venom is something you need to be really careful with. Allergies to Bee Stings are more common than people know so always spot test before use! My mum's been using Beetox and she loves it but I do think it is a gimmicky type of product with a major price tag.

    Great review :) x

  6. Never tried any of these products before but after reading this I might be persuaded to :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. Great review! never heard of this brand before.


  8. I've never tried anything with bee venom in before though I have heard it so meant to be very good - really interesting to read about, now just to get saving :) x

  9. I have never heard of this brand before. I wouldn't be able to try these products as I have asthma and when I was diagnosed I was told that I could never use/eat anything produced by bees. This is really interesting though!

  10. I never heard of this brand, but it seems interesting enough that I would like to try it. Great review :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  11. Thank you very much for writing this post


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