Shoe Lust: Spy Love Buy

It's true what they say, 'you're either a bag woman or a shoe woman' and I'm definitely head over heels for shoes. I don't know where my love for high heels came from, but as soon as I started earning my own money, my shoe collection rapidly expanded. I now dream of Louboutin and Jimmy Choo and when I go into a clothes store I'm instantly drawn towards their shoe collections. Although I have a fetish for the likes of Kurt Geiger, I still like to grab myself the odd pair of bargain shoes. One of my favourite places to grab bargain shoes is a little boutique in my hometown. They sell a variety of bright coloured heels for as little as £20, the only issue is that they only stock limited sizes. Therefore I've spent a while browsing the internet for an alternative and recently I came across the store Spy Love Buy.

Spy Love Buy sells a variety of affordable heels and cheap boots* all that are perfect for fashionistas on a budget. Recently I've been looking for a new pair of sparkly heels for the festive season. Unfortunately I've left it a little bit too late to receive a pair before Christmas, but I still may have time to grab a new pair of shoes before the New Year. My favourites off the website at the moment are the Glitterati gold heels which would be perfect for rocking around the Christmas tree, the Vegas stilettos which I'd love to wear on New Year and the two classy looking shoes, the Royal Stiletto and the Meadow stiletto peep toe shoe. I think the pair i'll end up buying is the Meadow Stiletto as they will go with anything and they look rather comfy. I can't wait until next payday.

Have you bought any new heels for Christmas?


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  1. I love the first gold pair! I am not a heel kind of girl as I can't walk in them so not got anything this Christmas. I'll stick to admiring them online haha


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