Beauty Christmas Wish List

Shu Uemura Art of Hair: Full Shimmer Illuminating Treatment (£35),  Laura Mercier Colour to Go Portable Palette: Natural Nudes (£31), Nars Cosmetics Illuminator Copacabana (£22),  Nars Cosmetics Barbarella (£18.50),  Daniel Sandler Waterbrush (£15.35)
Christmas is only nine more sleeps away and I'm currently going through the phase where I'm trying to guess what everyone has bought me. The other day I left my fiance in town to buy a few of my Christmas presents whilst I went out for a meal with friends and about half an hour later I accidentally saw him with a giant House of Fraser bag. I'm no good with surprises - I get agitated and spend my entire time compiling Christmas lists in my head in hope that one of those items would make its way to under my tree. Christmas isn't really about the gifts and I prefer presents with more thought and personality. I'm not the type of person to argue against a pound shop gift or a top from Primarni. There's so many other people in the world that don't get anything and we should really value everything we receive however big or small.

Beauty products are the christmas presents I'm the most fussiest about. Running my own website and being a fan of higher end products, I generally ask people not to buy me them as they are something that I like to invest in myself and I know what works for my skin. Three years back my wonderful aunt bought me quite an expensive No7 gift set. I was really happy at the time and couldn't wait to try it, but after a very small application of their moisturising cream on my cheek I realised that I was allergic and came out in rashes. The only person I don't mind buying me beauty sets is my man and that's only because I go on and on about the products I like that it should have been drilled into his head. 

Last night I really couldn't sleep and spent most of my time browsing through the Urban Retreat Boutique* online store. Urban Retreat stock luxury hair and beauty items in prestigious stores such as Harrods,  as well as having various concessions specialising in apartments, home-ware and their online beauty store. 

The first item I would really like is the Shu Uemura shimmering hair mask as my hair is looking pretty lifeless and dull at the moment. I'm finding that my hair is making my confidence slip on a daily basis and it's something that needs seeing to straight away. I haven't tried any Shu Uemura hair care, but i've heard a lot about their beauty products and I can tell it's a trusted brand. I think this will definitely end up being a new year present for myself.

The Laura Mercier Colour to Go Nudes palette is the second on my list, but unfortunately it's sold out at the moment. I don't usually buy many palettes, but this set incorporates all my favourite colours and styles. I like my makeup all natural with highlighted cheeks and a flick of pen eyeliner, I think this palette would be great for my daily makeup routine.

NARs have always been one of my favourite makeup brands and the NARS orgasm illuminator is one of my go-to products when I need a bit of colour to my cheeks. This time I'd like to invest in a lighter colour and I think Copacabana looks perfect. Teamed up the with Barbarella lipstick and I think this would make a striking winter look.

Finally, I really need a set of high quality makeup brushes as mine at the moment aren't the best and I'm finding a lot of the time I'm using my hands for blending, which isn't getting the best results. I really like the look of the Daniel Sandler brushes and I think this highlighting waterbrush would be an asset to my collection. After all, contouring is one of the most important elements of applying makeup.



  1. I really want to try an illuminator from NARS! Lovely wish list!

  2. Really like the brush!

  3. Great choices....Such a fab wishlist x

  4. hi doll :) its me Ambi . i am following you on bloglovin . please follow mine :) feels like lost since all the followers got deleted from GFC :
    stay in touch doll ! xx

  5. I watched one of Daniel Sandler's videos on contouring, after he suggested it was the one for me. Amazing!! I have a contouring set that I bought, not tried yet, so need to have a go at it!

    You have made some brilliant choices there, I hope you get the things you wish for!


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