Ciate Advent Update

It's been awhile since I last posted what I got in my Ciate Advent Calendar and although I vowed to keep a daily diary of my door openings, it all got a little bit too much and I've now decided to open a few doors at a time and show you all the treats.

Behind door four was this lovely little Ciate bracelet. It's simple, cute and would probably go with any outfit this Christmas. A few people have mentioned that they feel cheated receiving a bracelet rather than a nail polish, but I'm a big fan of surprises and wearing this bracelet means I can show off my love for the brand.

5.  Kiss Chase
6. Sugar Plum
7. Fit for a Queen
8. Caviar Pearls - Deck the Nails
9. Knickerbockerglory
10. Amazing Gracie
11.  Pillow Fight
12.  Hidden Gem
13. Loop the loop

From day five onwards, I received a mixture of colours from soft yellows to baby pinks, caviar pearls and lilacs. My favourite colour so far has to Knickerbockerglory as I'm a big fan of bright nails and my least favourite is probably the Amazing Gracie as it's a little bit bland. So far I'm loving my Ciate advent calendar and this has to be one of the best Christmas purchases I have made.

What have you got in your advent calendar?



  1. That bracelet is so cute! And there are More than enough polishes to make up for the cost so people should stop whining - I, too, would rather have a surprise and it's such a sweet little bracelet.

    I've had the Boots advent calendar this year and I've also been doing an advent blog swap with a lovely blog friend - Been Lots of fun - My latest update is here if you wanted to see what we've been doing and what's in the Boots one :)

  2. That bracelet is so cute :) I love advent calendars! This year my friend made me one with all of my favourite chocolates, it was really sweet!

  3. I actually really love the bracelet! I wouldn't be disappointed to receive this - the advent calendar offers soooo many different colours / types of nail polish so it's not like one is missing out on much! I bought one of my best friends the Ciaté advent calendar - she's loving it just as much as you are! x x

  4. This would have been sooooo cute to have omg.




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