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I've been a wearer of glasses since I was six years old and I've never really thought they suited me. I would look in the mirror and frequently think my face looks wider, I look too geeky and that I should probably pretend to lose them so I don't have to endure the pain of walking outside wearing them. These thoughts mainly derived from my first pair of glasses that were a pink and yellow polka dot pair that my mum picked and as I was a chubby child I always thought I resembled Mr Blobby. It wasn't until I reached the age of seventeen that I took wearing glasses rather seriously and as fashion changed I noticed glasses became quite trendy. Looking closely at adverts it seemed that glasses were seen as quite sophisticated when you're a grown woman, rather than the childhood illusion of being dorky. It was since then that I've quite liked wearing glasses and with the wide range of choices available on the high street and the internet, my love for glasses shopping has flourished.

My latest pair of glasses were gifted to me by MyOptique for review purposes. MyOptique offers luxury glasses at affordable prices. Their highly qualified and experienced staff can help you choose the glasses that will suit you face shape, assist with any prescription queries and help ensure you receive the best help possible when selecting your glasses. MyOptique sells a variety of brands including: Burberry, Michael Kors, Gucci, Prada and many more. These glasses are known as the 'Fitzrovia' glasses by a brand called 'London Retro'.

London Retro specialises in vintage inspired glasses all with a London Metropolitan vibe.  The new line is available exclusively from and every item is named after an inconic place in London. Being obsessed with London, I knew I had to have a pair of these glasses. I collect Nail Inc nail polishes for the fact that they are associated with London. These Fitzrovia glasses are face flattering, easy to wear and surprisingly fitted perfectly when I received them with no adjustments needed to the arms. My prescription was sent along with my order and with it being the first time I've ordered prescription glasses over the internet and not in store, I was pleasantly surprised to have my eyesight perfectly restored upon wearing my new frames. I always feel like I have new eyes when I put my glasses on. Everything seems clearer, more defined and above all I don't have to squint all the time. 

In the future I would like to look into having laser eye surgery if I could afford it, but for now I'm happy wearing glasses, in particularly my new pair. It's amazing how one pair of glasses can alter your entire style and right now I'm happy channelling 'geek chic'. The London Retro Metropolitan range can be purchased MyOptique for £79. 

Do you wear glasses?


  1. I love London Retro glasses but I don't want to buy a pair till I have my next eye test in a few months - not worth risking spending money on a nice pair of glasses to then find out they're useless!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. They look amazing and really suit you :) xx
    Elise -

  3. i have glasses but rarely wear them. they look horrendous on me! haha those are so cute and suit you so well


  4. Your glasses are so cute and they look so nice on your face! I feel like if I had glasses like that it would make my face look funny lol great post!


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