Two Looks: One Pair of Jeans

When it comes to the winter fashion, it's all about comfort and warmth. There's nothing that feels as good as getting into your favourite pair of jeans and snuggling in a nice warm coat whilst it's cold and pouring down with rain. Gone are the beautiful summer dresses for now and in are layered clothes, bulky coats and christmas jumpers, all teamed up with various combinations of our denim best friends. Jeans are something that never seems to go out of fashion and they make a perfect staple item all year round. When it comes to picking jeans, it's probably where us women are the most selective. We are always searching for a pair that will hide our troublesome areas, make our legs look longer and above all fill us with confidence. It's not just us women, men can be just as picky when it comes to jeans. Last year I was helping my Dad sort out his attic (it's like an antique store up there) and I came across a little box full of clothing tags. Inside this box was several retro Levi tags from the 60s and 70s. My dad said he couldn't live without a pair of levi jeans whilst he was in his 20s and 30s and kept the tags to ensure he bought the right pair that he loved. I found this whole concept quite fascinating yet strange. It wasn't until I accidentally fell over, did the splits and bust up my favourite pair of jeans that I realised how difficult it was to find a pair that as comfy. 

Today's post is dedicated to jeans, our trusty friends for the winter weather. The jeans I've selected for the two looks are by Current Elliott Jeans*. They are a firm favourite with celebrities and look pretty cool. I've always wanted to invest in a pair of good quality jeans in the future, so if was rich these outfits would definitely make their way to my wardrobe. I've teamed up this pair of Elliot jeans with the New York Girls T-shirt by Zoe Karssen and the baby pink coat wool coat by Carven. I've picked this look because I've always dreamt of having Christmas in New York and I think a blush coloured coat is perfect for the winter weather. 

My second look features the same pair of jeans, but it's a little bit more formal. I think jeans and a blazer can look really nice, especially with a pair of heels. The shirt I've chosen for this look is from the brand Equipment and it's called the Heart Print Nude shirt and the blazer is by Sarah Berman which comes in black or navy. I could spend hours discovering new brands online and creating wishlists of designer items I would like in my wardrobe. Although the majority of my wardrobe is high street, I believe there's nothing better than investing in a few staple items that are of good quality and can last you for years. A good wardrobe isn't evaluated by the amount of clothes you have, but the versatility of your clothes. It's better to have 10 items that all go together and can be swapped about, than 20 items that go with nothing. 

All the items on this wish list can be purchased from the Trilogy online store.  


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