Dear Santa: My Christmas Wishlist

It's strange to think that Christmas is only 14 days away now, when it seems like it has only been five minutes since it last ended. This year I don't really have much I want on my Christmas list as I'm moving house in January and me and my partner have both asked for help buying furniture more than anything. However, there's still quite a few things that I can dream about having and that I hope will work their way under my tree. 

The first item I would really like is the Chronograph Parker Rose Gold Michael Kors watch. I've wanted this watch for years and although I know I won't get this for Christmas, it very much stays on top of my list of things to buy in the New Year. The British Watch Company* website has some fantastic deals on various designer watches at the moment and I'm been stalking the site like a hawk to make sure they still have one of these watches in stock - I think it's time to get saving. The British Watch Company has almost 80 different watch brands and also stocks a variety of jewellery and accessories. Not only that, the BWC also has free shipping, making it the perfect place to grab yourself a Christmas treat. 

The second item on my wishlist is Chrysler necklace by my favourite online jewellery company Bijoux Bazaar. I don't think I can go a month without mentioning their products as I'm a diehard fan. I just love the quality for the price and I really think they are bang on trend and look beautiful. If you haven't entered my Bijoux Bazaar competition yet, make sure you check it out and you could be in with the chance to win my favourite Brent Bug earrings.

My next item is a little bit controversial, but nevertheless it's something I've always wanted. For my new house I would really like a fake sheepskin rug to go in front of the fireplace. My parents have had one since I was little and I always remember falling asleep on there as a child and also it's my dogs favourite snuggle place. I think they give the illusion of a warm, cozy household and when you're moving house you need those personal touches to make it feel like your own.

Since I'm a shopaholic, anyone buying me Christmas presents can't go wrong with gift vouchers. This year my mum asked me what vouchers I would like and I've said Topshop. 

Finally, you may be thinking the pole on the end is a weird thing to ask for as a Christmas present. Well, for the last eight months I've been taking pole dancing lessons and I would love nothing more than to have my own pole to practice my moves at home. As Vice President of the Huddersfield University Pole Dancing Academy I think it's important that I brush up on my moves and also show the world how fun and exciting pole dancing can be. 

What have you asked for this Christmas?


  1. You need to give me pole dancing lessons, I need a good laugh! ;) hahahaha xx

  2. Great choices - I really want the Kors watch as well - number one on my list!!!! Giftcards are also always a good idea, as I am so fussy, means I can pick my own present (sort of defeats the point but whatever)

    Laura x

  3. I love the idea of getting fit and flirty with a dancing pole. I know you need to be very toned to work the pole properly. Unfortunatly it is one of the few activities you can't do in a wheelchair. Love the rose gold watch and statement necklace. Also think the furry rug will come in handy after you've serrenaded your man on the pole ;-) Great blog - am following you, so will see how you get on with the pole.
    Love Vicky

  4. That necklace is beautiful!
    I'd love to try pole dancing, I'd be absolutely awful at it though haha - I'm so uncoordinated :)

    Jess xo

  5. You have asked for some wonderful things there and good for you regarding the pole dancing! I think it is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy, takes a lot of hard work as well!

    I didn't really ask for anything for Christmas. I like to get surprised.


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