Christmas at Tesco - Every Little Helps

Upon starting this post, the song 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' sprang into my head. Finally the Christmas is up at home, I've began writing my Christmas cards and with only two weeks left of university I'm beginning to feel less pressure. I love Christmas and usually I'm prepared months in advance, but this year seems to flown by and it's only just clicked in that it's the festive period again. To get me in the Christmas mood I decided to look for affordable little Christmas gifts and stumbled on Tesco Direct. As their famous quote says, 'every little helps' and indeed it does as I've managed to grab myself a few Christmas treats all short of £20 and I'm beginning to feel so much more jolly.

The first thing I wanted to buy is some Christmas candy canes. As I have a sweet tooth, candy canes are always something I love around Christmas. These sweet treats were only £1.50 from the website and I couldn't help but buy a few of them.

I love sitting by the fire at Christmas with candles in the distance and the Christmas tree lit up by my side. There are so many varieties of Christmas candles you can buy right now from ones that are Christmas scented to the novelty candles like this. I feel in love with the Reindeer when I first saw it and knew I wanted this for my home. When I got through the door and emptied my shopping bag, my mother shrieked with envy saying, "isn't that just the most lovely candle, I'm so jealous." Well it now belongs to my mother and takes pride stood right in front of her fireplace. At £3.50 on the Tesco website they make excellent affordable gifts or decorations for your home. I think I may just have to buy another to reserve for next year. 

My next candle is by one of the best candle makers in my opinion and that is of course Yankee. I've always wanted one of the big Yankee candles, but in the past I couldn't really justify spending so much on one of the larger candles, even though they do have a 72 hour burn time. When I came across this Vanilla Frosting Yankee candle on the Tesco website, I knew I needed to buy it. The candle smells so delicious and you can easily conjure images of devouring into vanilla slices whilst having this lit. At £9 this candle is a bargain.

My final purchase was these adorable reindeer charity Christmas cards in aid of Diabetes UK. I've got so behind on writing them this year and with so many to send out before Christmas I better get a wriggle on. 

Have you bought anything Christmassy from Tesco Direct?


  1. Ahh that yankee candle is so cheap, they always keep there smell really well. Never even thought to try Tesco Direct but certainly will now. Thanks Jess xx

  2. The yankee candle for £9 is a huge bargain. I love all the fairaisle print items available - and of course sweeties. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without sweeties ;-)
    Love Vicky


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