Look What I've got: Recent Shopping Hauls

Last night I was sat in bed thinking about my recent spending habits and dwelling over Christmas shopping. So far I've bought many 'Christmas Treats' for myself and barely spend a penny on other people - apart from my fiance. Every time I go to town, it's one present for them and about three for myself. I can't help it, the shopaholic kicks in and for some reason I become impulsive. It doesn't help that there's so many fabulous bargains around at the moment and when Black Friday suddenly appeared, I couldn't neglect the amazing GHD offer that Feel Unique had going. My friends and family always look at how much I spend and think how on earth does she do it? Well, I don't go drinking like many people my age and I have three part-time jobs on the go. I'm not incredibly irresponsible with my money. I have savings, I've started a pension, so why not? My reasoning behind my latest impulse shopping is that i'm moving house in January and I know I'll have to curb my spending. I'm stocking up on all the things I want before I start to limit myself. My fiance just laughs at me and says: "It's your money" and he's right...but maybe sometimes I do need a stern talking to.

My latest shopping splurges have been everything from hair extensions, makeup, GHDS and a wonderful fur jacket from Miss Selfridge. Yesterday I fell in love with some checkered trousers from River Island and within moments they had made their way into my handbag. I left the store thinking I've been naughty again, yet embracing my cheshire cat grin. I've come to the conclusion that Confessions of a Shopaholic is my autobiography, minus the debt and the glamorous job - hopefully the job aspect of that film will come in the future.

So the first item I treated myself to was this beautiful half wig from Ebay. Ebay has some fantastic hair extension and wig sellers and I've book marked so many of them. I have lots of half wigs from Ombre to curly hair and this time I wanted something long and thick to cover up my thinning hair. This synthetic half wig cost me £18.95 which is cheaper than a haircut and really transforms my hair. I really believe that 'once you go half wig, you never go back'. They're addictive, they look fantastic and so much more comfortable than clip in hair extensions.

My next purchase was a Black Friday bargain from Feel Unique. I grabbed these GHD straighteners for £79 instead of £135. This was fantastic timing as my 6 year old pair of GHDs were finally succumbing to old age and wasn't heating up anymore. I'm a firm believer of GHDs and I swear by the fact that they are less damaging to your hair than most hair straighteners on the market and having had my old pair for over 6 years, I know that they have a long life span.

For a long time now I've been searching for the perfect fur coat and I finally found it in Miss Selfridge last Saturday. This coat is incredibly soft, comfortable and it doesn't make me look hefty like a lot of the fur coats out there. I got this coat whilst it had a 10% discount and it only cost me £80. I will be selling my other little fur coat as I don't like it as much as I love this. I can't stop wearing it in this cold weather.

Shortly after buying the fur coat I saw this bag on offer at River Island for £30 down from £45 and I knew I had to get it to match my fur coat. I love how much space this bag has and it's perfect for carrying around my Macbook or doing heavy Christmas shopping.

Finally I've been wanting this Michael Kors perfume for such a long time and thanks to Black Friday at Debenhams, I managed to get hold of it with a little bit of a discount. This will definitely be the fragrance I will wear over the Christmas period.

What have you been buying lately?


  1. Awww yeaaaaaaaah, nice straighteners ;D


  2. I'm exactly the same, its like I think one item for someone present and one for me. Oops! x


  3. I would love to get my hands on Michael Kors perfumr. I was in his shop on Oxford Street and they smell divine!

  4. whats the name of the fur coat from miss selfridge?, looks lovely


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