T-Shirt Store UK Launches in Leeds

Last night I was kindly invited to the T-Shirt Store UK flagship store launch in Leeds to browse through their items and network with other bloggers and members of the media. The night turned out pretty well and as someone who doesn't usually wear t-shirts, I think they might have converted me. I've always had a love hate relationship with tees. I see trendy girls all the time walking down the streets looking really cool with their oversized tops and I'm always thinking I wish I could look that good. My ideal t-shirt is something that I can lazy around the house wearing and snuggle up to in bed. My t-shirt collection mainly consists of all my partners old and borrowed (never to be returned) items. I really enjoyed the fresh, innovative t-shirt designs on display tonight and for once I was thinking, hey I would wear that and not just for bedtime.

The night started out talking to a few bloggers whilst  sipping champagne and eating pizza, talking about the collection. It was lovely to meet the PR team behind the brand as well as the store staff - all of them excited to tell us more about T-Shirt Store UK's latest developments.

For those who haven't heard of the T-Shirt UK company, they were originally a Swedish brand that have made their way over to the UK with stores in London, Guilford and now Leeds. The store holds over 200 t-shirt creations by artists, designers and illustrators all over the world, giving us a new trendy style that has rarely been seen before. There's a little bit of everything in the collection from cat tees for those feline lovers, to film inspired t-shirts for movie buffs and lots of great, eye grabbing slogans and imagery. One of the other journalists at the event said that the collection reminded him of Urban Outfitters and I have to agree. There's an urban, edgy feel to all the clothing line.

Although the T-Shirt Store primarily revolves around t-shirts, they also sell a variety of phone and ipad cases. I'm head over heels in love with this retro typewriter effect Ipad case.

The T-Shirt Store UK Leeds branch opens its doors officially on Saturday 14th December, 2013. If you don't live near Leeds - fear not, there's always a website you can visit. The T-Shirt Store t-shirts will make amazing Christmas gifts this year, so make sure you check them out.



  1. Never heard of the company, but since looking at their website, there's some brilliant creative, artistic t shirts. My only grip is that from the site I wasn't able to know which were male or female versions.. and in the accessories section, all the phone cases were mainly for iphones.. not my galaxy s4..


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