Winter Wishlist

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At this very moment I'm currently analysing my bank balance and putting items in shopping baskets online wishing that I could be an instant millionaire. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had all the money in the world and saving up for clothes shopping wasn't an issue? Obviously my dream millions wouldn't be spent on clothes and makeup everyday, but I know for a fact my wardrobe would look so much better with some more investment.

These impulsive shopping thoughts that are currently taking over my brain have made me want to write a wish list post. There's so many things I really want to buy at the moment and the high street seems full of everything that I'm in love with - tartan and leather are two of my favourite things, both wanting to bring out the rock chick inside of me that semi-disappeared when I was thirteen. Not to mention all the red clothing out and about at the moment. I love the colour red so much that it pretty much dominates my wardrobe.

The first item on my wishlist are the UGG Alloway Studded casual shoes. I've always been so adamant that I would never own a pair of UGGs and when asked of my opinion about them, it was always negative. I think I became too accustomed to seeing chavs walking around town in them and I found the fact that they look like slippers a bit off putting. UGG seem to have really changed their ways lately and I'm finding the newer releases a lot more stylish and I think they're definitely onto a winner with their range of flats. I'm not really a fan of boots and when the weather turns nasty, I'm always wearing my plimsolls and getting my feet wet to the point that they're almost turning blue. I love the fact that UGG have incorporated their warm sheepskin lining into a more versatile pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that can go with most outfits and something you wouldn't usually associate with slippers. At £70 they are a little bit pricey for a pair of flats, but I'm more than willing to spend that much to keep my toes from getting frostbite this winter.

Second on my list is the beautifully striking dress from Fashion Union. I love the red and black mesh combination and I really think it would look great worn on various different occasions. On halloween it could be easily transformed into a red devil outfit and it would also look fab on the lead up to Christmas. I could easily imagine myself wearing this dress on a night out with the girls and most of the time, if I can see myself wearing it so vividly I know I'll have to buy it.

Last Christmas I was absolutely gutted when I discovered my favourite nail polish brand Ciate had released an advent calendar and it had sold out before I had the chance to get it. I went green with envy browsing through bloggers opening the little nail polish doors every day until Christmas and seeing their tiny little Ciate collection be unleashed before my eyes. This year I need to get my hands on this advent calendar or i'll go into despair. Ciate are the nail polish brand I wear almost every single day and I absolutely adore them. The Ciate advent calendars are £42 and can be purchased from the online Ciate shop or Selfridges.

Finally, this last item is from the online jewellery retailer Bijoux Bazaar. I came across a link to their shop whilst talking on the #fblchat this evening and fell in love with their jewellery. Everything looks glitzy and glamorous and all at fantastic prices. This will definitely be next purchase on payday, because at £9 it's a fashion steal.

What's on your winter wishlist?



  1. I love that bracelet from bijoux bazaar it's gorgeous and such a great price! Xx

  2. Hello there!
    So I have nominated you for an award over at my blog, go check it out.

  3. I've recently realised how good the non-Ugg Uggs are too, these ones are really sweet!
    I'd love the advent calender too!


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