Vita Bella Repair and Protect Gel

Although I'm a beauty blogger, I fully admit that my skincare routine is dreadful. I accumulate masses of skincare products that I never use and when I get asked about my beauty routine whilst browsing beauty concessions I always lie. My mouth spills out: " Yes I do cleanse, tone and moisturise on a daily basis" yet my head says 'who on earth has time to do all that in a morning'. I'm more of a 'get up and go' type of girl. I put effort into doing my hair and applying my makeup, but anything else unless its a night out isn't deemed essential. Finding a skincare product that I will use on a regular basis is rare and the Vita Bella Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Repair and Protect Gel is one of those lucky products that has made the cut.

I don't know whether it's the fresh tingling sensation it leaves on my skin on a morning or the fact that the texture is wonderfully soft, but either way I'm hooked on this product. Anyone who has been anemic will know that dry skin can be such a horrible side effect and when you have the tiredness and baggy eyes to contend with everyday, dry skin is something you definitely want to avoid. I was recommended this product by a PR when I asked for products that are suitable for dry skin and so far I'm loving the results.

According to the website, Vitabella has over 200 natural compounds made up of 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins that creates a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and the olive oil helps moisturise dried up areas and maintain hydration. The Geranium element of the product provides the refreshing vibe that you get once it's applied and Hyaluronic Acid is a mosituriser that can hold '1000 times its weight in water to keep the skin hydrated'.

After using this product only a handful of times I noticed quite a difference and that my skin feels so much smoother. I've been using it mainly as a base for my makeup so that it doesn't dry out my skin and something to refresh my face one I've taken off all my makeup at night. With the cold weather settling in and snow predictions on the way, it's a good idea to start stocking up on beauty items that will help combat the distressing signs of winter and the Vitabella Repair and Protect Gel is definitely a product I recommend putting on your shopping list.

The VitaBella Repair and Protect Gel is £20 and can be bought from

What's your favourite winter beauty product?


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  1. Noticing your skin feeling smoother after only using a product a few times must be a good sign! :)
    I really like the fact it looks like such a light gel! I have combination skin so if it's more aimed at dry skin then maybe not for me, but I will check out the rest of their range! :)


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