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My obsession with jewelry will soon be turning into a slight shopping addiction. Nearly every evening I'm spending more and more time browsing the internet and looking for quirky pieces of costume jewelry. It all started when my auntie died and my sudden urge to collate a box full of jewels that represent my personality and something that I could easily be remembered by if something ever happened. Its like my friend - I could never imagine her without a patterned scarf and everytime I see one in the store I begin to think 'should I buy her that and keep it for her Christmas present'. Her skull patterned scarves are her trade mark. Unfortunately I'm a student and I don't have the biggest budget to splurge on accessories, but there are so many quirky independent designers or stores that sell some fabulous pieces for a very small little tag. I recently came across the site Seasons Online and fell in love with their variety of unique bracelets, necklaces and even scarves. Their prices are incredibly cheap giving you the opportunity to hoard away plenty of jewellery in just one shop. Why not invest in a mustache necklace in honour of Movember? Or unleash your inner hippy with the cute peace logo bracelet? Although I'm not religious I love the dangling cross necklace and the rosary bead bracelet. 

There's not only a great selection of jewellery, there's also plenty of fashionable scarves to keep you warm this winter. As someone who loves the term 'rock chick' I enjoy wearing skull scarves and trying to look a little bit alternative. The beautiful left hand side skull scarf looks feminine with the pastel pink back colour, but adds an artistic vibrant touch with the coloured touch. If you're a fan of Marilyn Monroe like myself, you may like this Marilyn Monroe scarf you can buy. This is definitely a purchase I'll be looking to make on payday. Marilyn Monroe is a big role model for me and her style is unforgettable. 

Finally, I can't get over the price of these wonderful earrings. They start at as little as £2.50 and there are many creative designs for you to purchase. I'm a big fan of animal designs when it comes to jewellery and the London earrings look perfect for my trip down south in the next few weeks. The pearl drop earrings and the dreamcatcher set look elegant and would perfectly suit a night on the town outfit.

What do you think of the Seasons Online range?


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