Illamasqua ESP

I'm a girl that cannot resist a bright pink and when I'm anywhere near a city thats sells Illamasqua, you can guarantee that I will have popped in store several times to try on their beautiful colours. My latest Illamasqua purchase is the ESP lipstick from their paranormal range. 

Those looking for a bewitching lipstick for this Halloween should look no further than ESP. The colour is the highly pigmented and adds a gothic touch to your makeup draw. Like many of the Illamasqua lipstick this is not for the faint hearted as it's bright, bold and attracts a lot of attention. If you're wanting to look edgy and quirky this winter this is definitely the colour for you.

I'm a massive Illamasqua fan and I love the fact that their lipsticks are long wearing. When working behind the bar, I love to wear a vibrant lipstick and I've noticed that my Illamasqua lipsticks tend to the last the whole duration of my shift without a touch up. My only niggle at the Esp is the fact that it takes a few initial applications to make it look less patchy. This is something I can deal with to say it looks perfect afterwards. I love the vibrancy, the smoothness on my lipsticks and the fact that it's a colour not many people would wear on a regular basis. I like standing out from the crowd.

ESP is available online at or from any Illasmasqua store for £16.60.


  1. Love this colour! Always wanted to try illamasque make up! :)

  2. What an amazing colour! I've not tried illamasqua yet, will have to give them a go. It's good to know that it is long lasting!

  3. This colour looks great on you. I love how it's quite matt and not glossy which means it's girly without being too girly, if you catch my drift. We have quite a big Illamasqua in Liverpool and the people who work in there are really lovely and recommend cool new stuff to try.

    Kate (UK Bloggers)
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