Halloween Ideas

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year. Since I was young I've always had an obsession with witches, werewolves and ghosts. I even went through a phase where I was mad about real life witchery. I'd scour the internet for hours looking at old folk tales and bewildering enchantments from hundreds of years ago.  As I've got older my passion for Halloween has still remained, but each year I find myself having limited time to go out and enjoy the celebrations. This year I intend on staying at home with my partner and having a quiet night in, but fear not. If you can't go out and enjoy the celebrations, there's still plenty of things you can do at home.

Watch a scary movie

I'm a little bit of baby when it comes to scary movies. In fact, if it involves a lot of gore and amputated limbs, I end up spending a lot of time behind a big fluffy pillow rather than watching the film. My favourite Halloween movies have to be things to do with Ghosts or simply the Scary Movie franchise because they link together comedy and horror making it easier to watch. The Guardian has a fantastic list of top 10 scary movies if you need inspiration.

Cook yourself some delicious treats

If you love baking, Halloween is a great time for you to explore your creative side. I love looking at peoples halloween creations, but knowing my track record when it comes to baking I will probably buy some sweet treats from a bakery rather than making my own. Check out some great Halloween recipes on the BBC website http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/halloween.

Create some Halloween Cocktails.

Since getting a new job in bar, I've been obsessed with watching people make cocktails and learning new things myself. There are so many amazing cocktails you can make on Halloween from drinks that look like blood to Zombie juice with floating brains. You can also try to conjure up your own punch in a pumpkin or cauldron to make things a little bit more fun. Check out some scary cocktails here? I love the sound of the Black Cat and Witches Brew.

What are your plans this Halloween?


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  1. Those brain cakes are awesome!! (Are they brains?)
    Definitely going to be making some cockatails as well! I love cocktails... so what could be better than Halloween cocktails?!



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