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Before I wax lyrical about the new range of beautiful party dresses Coast has in store, I will firstly admit that I haven't always been a fan. Over the last year or two I've been in and out of various Coast stores and thought much of the clothing looks drab or something that would only look wearable at a wedding. When I saw the latest range of clothes to be added to the Coast website I took all those statements back. I can't stop creating dream wishlists in my head or making up situations when I could wear the Savita dress - the one at the end with the fur. The truth is I haven't got any formal occasions planned this year and unless its a big event, I can't afford to spend £250 on a dress either. So like many bloggers do when they're dreaming of items they cannot simply afford at the moment, I've created a wishlist.

The 'Swirl Maxi' dress is the first on the list. I love the silver glitter detailing and the elegant soft lilac colouring. This dress makes me think of a modern cinderella going to a ball. It's so sophisticated and would look wonderful at a formal Christmas party or ball. The second dress I've mentioned is a beautiful gold colour. It looks smart, sassy and more like a dress that you would wear on any night out. I love the faux leather look at the top of the dress and the petticoat style skirt that makes me want to dance. The final dress in the above image is the previously mentioned Savita dress. Words cannot describe how much I would love that dress to be in my wardrobe. It looks different and a little bit out there, but at the same time very feminine and exquisite to look at. 

My next set of 'must haves' are formal black clothing that can be worn jazzed up on a night out or dressed down for work or a quiet evening. I've wanted a jumpsuit for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I wanted a jumpsuit, because I came across a picture of my mother wearing one in the 70s. My only issue is that I'm small and when height comes into the equation, jumpsuits are generally ruled out. I love the style of this one and it's another I'd like to try on when I'm nearer Coast. I won't give up trying to find the perfect jumpsuit, but so far it's taking a long time.  The other two items are a peplum laced top and a black cover up. Both these items are something I could definitely do with buying in the near future as I don't have much formal wear and I really need a cover up to keep me warm and looking sophisticated at the same time. 

I can easily see myself going into Coast this weekend to try on a few items, but for now I will make do with spying on the website.

Have you seen anything you like in Coast lately?


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