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The closer to Christmas it is, the more inclined I am to wearing the colour red. I always see the colour as really powerful and empowering to women. As much as it's my favourite colour, my wardrobe doesn't have that many red items and I never seem to be able to find the perfect red dress. I was recently accepted on the Fashion Union blogger list on Etail PR and I was offered the opportunity to review one of their items. Having browsed through the list I picked out this little red number, in hope that this would be the perfect new addition to my wardrobe.

When the dress arrived I had very mixed opinions. It looks beautiful, feels effortless to wear, but as much as I wanted it to, it just doesn't do anything for my figure. This is no fault of Fashion Union, it's just I personally think this dress is meant for women that have less curves so it can add definition to their body. On my curvier size 8 figure, the dress grabs to my insecurities and makes me look a bit frumpy. The issue I had with this dress is the fact that it is incredibly low cut. I couldn't wear the dress without it bending over and exposing my dignity to everyone in sight. The way I got around this issue was by putting a stitch into the top. I did it quite loosely so that I can unpick it in the future, but for now it kept everything concealed. Another word of warning from this dress is the fact that it comes in pretty big sizes. I'm usually between a 6 to 10 on the high street and I ordered an extra small from Fashion Union. This dress felt incredibly big on me and I think that's another reason it didn't look too flattering on my body shape.I turned to my fiance for advice and although he is usually quite polite about what I wear, even he agreed that it made me look bigger than I actually am, however he's as disappointed as me because we both absolutely adore the colour of this dress.

If I had a different body shape, this dress would have 'me' written all over it. It's striking, bold and such a beautiful dress to wear. Would I shop at Fashion Union again? Of course I would. Fashion Union have some lovely dresses in, especially the glittery ones for Christmas. However, like with all clothes shopping every now and then you buy something that isn't necessarily for you.

The 'Red Wrap Over Chiffon Dress' can be bought for £19.00 from the Fashion Union Website.



  1. Really like your dress. Its very flattering and red looks gorgeous on you!
    Thank you for stopping by the blog.
    Just followed via bloglovin (:
    ♥ S | S t y l i n s p i r e

  2. You look gorgeous in red! Red doesn't suit me but it really suits you xx

  3. Gorgeous dress! I am a sucker for red dresses, they are so classy and you look great!

    xo, Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  4. I love your dress and agree that red is a very christmassy colour. I try and wear it as much as I can this time of year, its just so festive! Really enjoyed reading your blog so have followed.


  5. Love the cut of this dress, so flattering x

  6. Such a shame you weren't keen on the cut, as the colour is gorgeous! I've had a few dresses where I've had to pin or stitch the front to stop looking indecent! :)


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