Damart Thermals - Keeping Warm This Winter

When I arrived home yesterday my mum came running into the kitchen saying: "It looks like you've got a Christmas present already." I gave her a bemused expression and wondered what on earth she was talking about. It turns out that she opened one of my parcels by mistake - me and my dad have the same initials and inside was this pretty red box. I already knew I was expecting a parcel from Damart, but I definitely didn't expect the beautiful packaging and the lovely little memo card.

When Damart first approached me to write a review of their range I was a little apprehensive. 'Thermals are for my grandmas' was the first thing that came to my head. I admit I was quite naive, but nethertheless I wanted to experience the brand first hand before making such statements. With all this stormy weather hitting the UK and winter on the horizon, it's the best time to start looking into purchasing thermals. I often suffer from low body temperature with being iron deficient and there are days that I long for something that would make me feel as cosy as I do when I'm in my nice warm bed.

Damart are one of the leading brands for thermal clothing internationally and are known for developing Thermolactyl, a man made fibre that is renowned for keeping you warm without the bulky clothing. Damart's thermal range is now celebrating 60 years in production, making them a reliable and trustworthy much loved brand.I selected the 'Damart Knitted Booties' to bring to the review table and I now can't imagine a day without them keeping my feet warm.

The Damart knitted booties are made using thermal technology and are the perfect choice for everyone that suffers from persistent cold feet or a person that loves a good pair of slippers. They are incredibly soft on the inside and slide onto feet effortlessly. I love walking around in them as they are comfortable and fit more like a shoe than a conventional pair of slippers. The booties have a relatively thick sole making them long lasting and easy to wear around the house. If it isn't the thermal technology that has sold these slippers to you, their cute design with the beautiful fur trim will definitely win you over. When I look at these slippers I think of nights beside the fire and sipping wine on a cold Christmas evening. They're more than a pair of slippers, they feel like luxury and at £15 they have the perfect price tag.

These boots may be my first thermal item, but they definitely won't be the last. Damart, you have converted me and brought me over to the warmer side of life. My feet are eternally grateful.

Have you bought any thermal clothing before?



  1. those look so comfy and warm!


  2. I agree they look so cosy, I love anything thermal in winter time, thick, warm socks are my favourite.


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