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It may not look like it in this photograph, but for the last few months I've been having problems with hair. It felt like my hair had gone for amazing to a nightmare literally overnight due to dryness. I blame my holiday to Ibiza for a start. The humidity gave me frizzy hair all week through and ever since my hair has felt frazzled by the sun. Secondly, I've been quite a naughty girl when it comes to using styling equipement without any heat protection. As an ex-hairdresser I should really know the best treatments for my hair, but it seems like lately I've lost all willpower to nourish my locks. 

My 'knight in shining armour' came in the form of press hair products I had been sent* by a brand called Yuko. Yuko haircare originates from Japan, but has recently made its way to the UK, making an appearance in many top salons. 

The products I've been using are the 'Lock in Colour' shampoo and the 'Lock in Colour' treatment conditioner, which have both given me fantastic results. Since using this new haircare, I've seen a dramatic difference in the amount of frizz I have on a daily basis and my colour seems to shine radiantly.  Another thing I have noticed is that my hair dries more quickly since using the conditioner, meaning that my cuticles have less damage and my hair is finally getting tangle free again. I've always been prone to hair knots and since I'm currently growing my hair, I've noticed they have started reappearing like a fast spurt of acne.

For years on end I swore by only two haircare brands: Macadamia Oil and BedHead. It seems like now I'm willing to add another one to the list - Yuko haircare. I don't usually rave on so much about conditioners, but I really haven't experienced any negative effects with this one. I should add that I also suffer from a very sensitive scalp and that a lot of shampoos tend to irritate me - another thing that this brand didn't do. If I had to say one constructive criticism it would be the scent. It's a bit bland and I love my hair smelling fruity or floral rather than smelling of normal hair. However, if it means putting the scent aside for luscious long locks, I think i'll just have to do that.

Here's a little picture of how my hair looked just before going out the other day. I'm rather impressed with how shiny it looks on camera!

Yuko Haircare starts at around £12 and can be purchased from http://yuko-london.com/

Have you tried this brand before?


  1. I'm growing my hair too, no where near as long and glossy as yours. this brand is well priced and I would love to try. Thank you for such a lovely comment about my grandparents things. It's lovely you took the time to read. just checked and I wasn't followin on bloglovin (I am now obvs) :-) xx


  2. Your hair looks so shiny, I am very jealous as being blonde I'll never get that shine! I am in need of a shampoo for a sensitive scalp so I will have to check this out!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Your skin looks perfect, love your dress

  4. Your hair looks lovely and so healthy in the last picture. I need to look up those products myself.

    Hope you'll get a chance and check out my blog. It's all beauty, life and DIY. If you ever have a fun Look/outfit of the day, or a fashion related DIY be sure to share at my "That's my Style" Link party on Fridays! :)

    Karla @ www.MySerendipitousLife.com

  5. Your hair looks so shiny & nourished!x


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