Dreaming of a white wedding

Doesn't time fly? At one point you're picking up barbie in one hand and Ken in the other saying: "Daddy my dollies are married" and then next minute you're 15 years older and planning your own real life wedding. Weddings aren't as easy as they're shown in fairytales. We're shown this dream ending where she disappears off with a prince, but we are never shown all the planning that goes ahead of it. That's why when you finally start planning your own special occasion, it seems like somewhat of a reality shock. 

Well I'm happy to say that I've finally got myself into gear and the wedding planning is starting to commence again after a long break. Today I finally secured the band for the big day! They're a local band called 'Suicide Blonde' and they will be serenading us with rock hits through the evening. I'm a massive fan and I know they will probably exceed all my expectations. 

The next step of the planning process is to finally attend a few wedding dress stores. I'm a picky mare when it comes to normal clothes shopping, never-mind my wedding day. That fact that I've gone for a 1950s/60s theme has made life even more difficult as I'm more inclined to go with shorter dresses and they are currently a rarity in my area. I know eventually I'll find the right dress, but I'm well aware that I may have to broaden my search and go further a field and maybe even shop on-line. I know for a fact that I would like a shorter wedding dress, because of my height. Being five foot nothing means that a long dress would give the illusion of me being even shorter. I get panicky wearing maxi dresses for the exact same reason and I don't want to be having anxiety on my big day. I spend my life wearing 50s style dresses as they suit my hour glass shape and that's exactly why I want one for the most important day of my life.

I've noticed that short dresses appear quite popular abroad and quite a lot of American sites have plenty of variety. Of course ordering from America is too far a field for me, but it's great for the research. These are a few dresses that I stumbled across on evening and wedding dress website Dress First.

I love the bow design on this first dress and the retro design. The fact that it nips in at the waist and goes out at the hips will compliment my hour glass shape and the bow design will detract from my slightly unflattering stomach.

I have slightly broad shoulders and a dress like this second one would elongate the neck and give the illusion of thinner shoulders. I love the waist band and the puffed up skirt - it's so cute.

This final dress is by far my favourite so far. It looks like something a princess would wear. Elegant, pretty and yet so simplistic.  The flower detail on the front really channels the vintage vibe. 

So there's my current wedding dress inspiration. Now all there is to do is to finally go shopping!

Which wedding dress do you like?



  1. wow so exciting! I love the last dress the most, it's so pretty :)
    Jess x
    Jessica's Diary

  2. What an exciting time! I love the inspiration for these dresses - they are all so beautiful.

  3. How exciting, what a darling post! Those dresses are beautiful.

    Une Jolie Vie

  4. Love these dresses :) The first is amazing. If my calves weren't so fat I probably would have chosen this style dress. x

  5. I love the second dress due to the halterneck design. Very pretty :) xx

  6. WOW! you look so pretty and wonderful your wedding dress mind blowing designing i really like it.Thanks for share.
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