Sunday Notes

My mind is currently a bundle of nerves, excitement, happiness, shock and exhaustion. Tomorrow I re-start my work experience at one of my favourite PR firms, Stickeyes. A few of you may have noted that I talked about them quite a lot at the beginning of the year when I was due my first lot of work experience. Unfortunately part way through my auntie died and the work came to a sudden halt.  I've kindly been invited back to continue doing work for them and I'm overly excited, but slightly nervous because I've almost forgotten everything they taught me. At least I know that I'm not really on a first impressions basis at the moment, I can be myself and they already know me. This still doesn't stop me panicking over what to wear and how my hair will look on the day - wherever I am, professionally or casually I aim to look my best.

My happiness comes from the fact that I purchased the Babyliss Curl Secrets yesterday! I've been tweeting about them constantly over the last few days and I finally have them in my grip. Without a doubt, they are my favourite styling tool I own besides my GHDs and I've only had them a day. Easy to use and effortless curls, what girl wouldn't want that? I tried to do a video earlier today, but unfortunately the lighting wasn't quite right, so I'm going to do it when I have time later on during this week - watch this space.

Finally, the realisation of how close my wedding is, is leaving me in quite a shock. Of course I'm a very happy bride-to-be, but the volume of work I'll have to do now I'm in the 12 month countdown and the amount of money I'll be parting with is quite daunting. I just want my big day to be absolutely perfect, but in all fairness, as long as my man arrives at the alter, that will do!

So please bare with me this week as the posts may be a little bit lacking due to my work experience, but it's only one week so I'll be back properly in a flash. I have lots of amazing products to share with you over the next coming weeks and I know you'll love them.



  1. You will be great! Good luck. This sounds like they could offer you full time position one day.. :)
    Adela x

  2. Good luck! I'm sure everything is going to turn out alright!


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