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It's a fact, I think my eyesight is getting progressively worse. I've been walking into things lately, my eyes are always squinting and I was having problems reading number plates the other day. Unfortunately these problems are entirely my stubborn fault. I've been told regularly to wear my glasses so it trains my eyes to get better, however I always leave the house without them due to habit. One day I'll take my optician seriously and surrender to life as a 'specky four eyes' (what I was constantly called as a child at school). One of my opticians also suggest Laser Eye Surgery and the thought of having that treatment gives me nightmares. I'm very squeamish when it comes to eyes and although my uncle has had it done and it's changed his life forever, I don't know whether I'd be able to go through with it, so glasses are probably my best bet for the moment.

The additional advice that came from my optician was that I should wear sunglasses more to prevent eye strain. I have big problems with focusing my eyes and it generally gets worse in the summer. I've been advised to invest in a pair of higher end sunglasses that would be able to give me adequate UV protection. 

This is definitely not a problem, I love wearing sunglasses and I would give for any excuse to get my Gucci's out of their case. The only issues with my sunglasses collection is that they are literally all the same. I have a pair of Whistles sunglasses and my Gucci's, both are almost identical and apart from the name tag on the side, my fiance keeps asking why I bought two identical pairs, but maybe that's some men for you. It is this reason as to why I'm looking into investing in a new pair. Something different, classic and definitely designer - I break high street glasses so easily and my Gucci's are the only pair that have survived being dropped on the pavement copious amounts of times. 

So here's my current sunglasses wish list from Optical Express. I chose to do an Optical Express wish list because they are one of the only big known optical brands in my area that sells high end designer glasses and if I wanted to try some on without venturing outside my town, this is most likely the place to go. I'm usually a Specsavers customer out of habit, but I really think it may be time to broaden my glasses horizons.

Jimmy Choo never goes wrong. I've always been fascinated by their shoes, perfume and handbags, now I'm even more in love with the brands sunglasses. Before I got my Gucci's, I highly contemplated buying some Jimmy Choo, however the shades I really wanted were out of stock. I long to have a pair of Jimmy Choo sunglasses in the future as I believe they're effortlessly stylish and completely versatile. 

These sunglasses are something a little bit different for me. I'm usually the type to go for big rimmed jet black glasses, but I think it's time I invest in some colour. Tortoise Shell glasses are a classic and they rise through every decade as an influential colour for sunglasses. I like the look of these as they're simplistic and the gold 'Dior' logo looks really pretty.

These sunglasses look like they should have been at an old Hollywood pool party as the design clearly is vintage inspired and classic. The sunglasses ooze sex appeal and all I can envision is a curly haired blonde supermodel in a red bikini wearing these - yep I would totally love to be her.

It could be quite a long time until I save enough money to buy another designer pair, so for now, I suppose I could wear these heart shaped glasses for variation. A little bit over the top for everyday wear? Yeah, I'm thinking so too.

Do you wear glasses?

*All sunglasses images taken from the Optical Express website and do not belong to me.


  1. I love sunglasses. I've actually been looking for a new tortoise shell. I like those Bvlgari ones :) And the heart shaped ones you have are too cute!

    xo Azu

  2. I wear glasses and I have been literally drooling over some Dior frames! I just need to save :( your frames are gorgeous though! Opt for the Dior sunglasses they look so good!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  3. Amazing photos so pretty love the heart sunnies :D x

  4. I am also very fond of sunglasses I recently by guess sunglasses in purple shade. Collection of your glasses is really nice. Sunglasses are mandatory these days. The levels of pollution, dust are increasing day by day. So take care of your eyes.

  5. The above designereyewear are looking very beautiful, your collection of branded designer eyewear is very impressive. I like these branded sunglasses because levels of pollution and dust is heavy and online these sunglasses can keep safe our eyes.

  6. Hi! Thanks meaning practical calculate. Me specialist & my own, my neighbo was simply near to the point of perform little homework concerning this sort of. Optical Express Take advantage of your beautiful eyes. Free from your glasses, you can at last endeavor every one of the aforementioned make-up looks you've for a long while been itching to attempt yet been a touch frightened of.


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