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Bon Prix Dress*

The image above is one you may recognise from a previous blog post.  The blog post was about the Bon Prix clothing line and the beautiful glitter dress I was sent. When I wrote the post I admitted that Bon Prix wasn't my first choice of shopping destination and that I regarded it as an 'older woman's' store in the past, however upon receiving that dress my outlook had changed and I fell in love with quality, the fit and the style. The dress is not only one of my favourites, but that post was one of my most popular on the blog, still getting a high amount of page views. It was this reason that I decided to have a look at Bon Prix again and see what I could next purchase.

I've always had a lust for leather. Leather trousers, shorts, jackets and even t-shirts - I have to have it. Whilst browsing Bon Prix, I decided to make a wish list and it comes as no surprise that this dress was first on the mood board.  The thing I like the most about it is the fact that it isn't all leather. It looks more sophisticated this way and even could double up as a work outfit. Sometimes a little bit too much leather can be over the top, but this combination looks great and very fitting with the autumn colour scheme and I could easily see this becoming one of my favourite party dresses coming up to winter.

My future brother-in-law is always having a go at me saying my bags are massive. I admit it, I love my oversized bags because they fit all my shopping in without me carrying around the extra hand luggage. However, I freely admit that it may be time to purchase a few smaller bags so I can attempt to look a little more sophisticated. I think this little tassel tote bag is absolutely adorable. Beautiful colours, lots of detail and for £30 its a steal. If there's one thing I love the most on this wish list, that is it.

Finally, they're not quite Jeffrey Campbell spiked Loitta's, but I think these spiked back patent court shoes look really snazzy and complete my 'rock'n'roll' vibe outfit. I can easily image wearing these on a night out or to a gig and the heel looks at a comfortable everyday wearing height. As much as I love my stilettos, since my knee operation I do have to be slightly careful with what I wear on my feet. One slip and I could end up reversing all the months of physio I've had in the past. Then again, if I was told I'd ever have to give up heels, I would cry like there's no tomorrow, sobbing endlessly into my favourite Kurt Geigers. 

So there's my Bonprix wish list, what do you think of my choices?



  1. I love the hand bag. It's sooo pretty and the colour is amazing.


  2. Oh my gosh I want those shoes!! I have a pair of studded biker boots and those are like the matching heels! The dress is stunning too, lovely colour and I love the faux leather panel.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Great styling! you look stunning!



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