Jimmy Choo Exotic and Friday Evening Catchups

It's the end of a very long week and I'm feeling a mixture of emotions. Today saw the end of my one week placement at the Best British Bloggers headquarters, where all week I've been sourcing beauty bloggers for them, writing blog posts and doing PR related things that I love. Although I've only been there a few, I feel like I've learnt so much and even though getting up at 6am for the train every morning was really hard work, I'm totally going to miss my life as a PR intern in Leeds.

To reward myself for all the hard work I've done this week (any excuse for a bit of shopping), I ran full speed across town to Debenhams in my lunch break, where I finally picked up the perfume I've been longing for the last few weeks - The Jimmy Choo Exotic. I took my first sniff of this perfume whilst in the duty free area at Manchester Airport, waiting to board for Ibiza. This perfume had me addicted and all week I was clutching the tiniest bit of paper I sprayed hoping that when I got to the end of my holiday I could go buy it. Unfortunately due living in a pretty small town, the Jimmy Choo Exotic isn't sold in my area and the 'exotic' scent I fell in love with a few weeks ago had fazed out. I began debating all sorts of theories as to whether I should buy it online or go to my nearest city to have a look round. It then dawned on me that I had a week coming up in the glorious city of Leeds and with many department stores within distance of work, it was my opportunity to finally get it. 

My love affair with Jimmy Choo fragrances first started when the original Eau De Parfum first came out. Many girls dream of owning a piece of Jimmy Choo and as a 19 year old girl the Jimmy Choo perfume was the closest I was going to get. Since I first got my Jimmy Choo perfume, I've never looked back and somewhere lingering in my draws, there has always been a bottle there, even if I was going through other perfume phases. The Jimmy Choo 60ml Limited Edition Exotic is very different to the previous perfumes. It's much sweeter and vibrant in colour. The colour reminds me of a Ruby - very striking and beautiful to look at.  The scent is a mixture of Blackcurrant's and Grapefruits - which overall combines to give a summer fruits zesty vibe. I've heard many people say that the Exotic is a little bit too sweet for them, but it's mainly down to personal preference. I like my perfume more fruity than floral and I love fragrances that give the illusion of sweet and innocent girl - although I'm very far from it.

The Jimmy Choo Exotic is only available in 60ml and costs £44. This is quite a steal to say that the original, much older perfume is £49 for a 60ml and not limited edition. From my past experience with the perfume range, I can say that Jimmy Choo are usually long lasting fragrances and you won't go through the bottle as easy as you would do other brands. I've always found this perfume quite cost efficient and this is coming from someone that wears perfume every single day, not just for special occasions. 

If this review has managed to tickle your Jimmy Choo sweet tooth, I'd definitely give it a try! In all fairness, can a girl ever go wrong with Jimmy Choo?



  1. I love this perfume! It's very sweet without being overpowering!

  2. Oooooo, this perfume looks nice, I'll have to test it!

    Zofia xo

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to have that experience. It's sad that it's over, but it's great that it happened! You should be so proud of yourself :)

  4. I love this perfume
    I wear it 24/7


  5. I would happily pick this up just for the packaging! (should probably smell it first though!)

    Uncover the Untold


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