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Being vegetarian for more years than I can remember, I've always loved looking around for organic non-animal tested brands, but sometimes they're not too easy to discover. In the past I've blogged about a few interesting brands that have given me products to trail and spread the word about and this time I've been sent some lovely products from the team behind Beyond Organic Skincare.

Beyond Organic Skincare is made with ethically sourced materials and are 100% natural and certificated organic products. The products are full with a variety of vitamins to help restore skin health and leave you looking your natural best. My initial trial of the products has left me blown away with some of the items and rather disappointed in another. As I always mention in my blog posts, just because a product doesn't agree with me, doesn't mean it won't be the perfect product for you. We all have different skin and different reactions, in the end it is purely down to what suits your skin needs.

The first products up for review was the Nourishing Day Cream and the Firming Eye Cream. Unfortunately the Nourishing Day Cream just wasn't for me and it made my skin a little bit itchy and oily. This may be due to the fact that I have highly sensitive skin and even some natural ingredients can bring me out in rashes - sometimes this can be quite a hassle for a beauty blogger. The Firming Eye Cream on the other hand was my favourite product I received. It's like a cheaper, more refreshing version of 'Clinique All About The Eyes' and works even better in my opinion. There's nothing worse than having tired eyes in the morning and this little tub has been my saviour. The fresh ingredients rejuvenated my eyes, not only making them feel firmer, but giving them a sparkly new leash of life by waking them up a little bit. I could easily see myself buying this product in the future, especially with my dissertation year coming up.

Alongside the firming eye cream, the 'Ultra Radiance Age Defying Cleanser' is up there with my favourite Beyond Organic Skincare samples. Although I've only used this cleanser once, I was shocked by how clear, refreshed and softer my face felt. It was a lovely feeling to experience after a long hard day.

The final item I was sent is the Shea Delight Moisturising bar. As much as this looks like the cutest little product ever, it didn't work wonders on me. The Shea delight moisturising bar is supposed to be an alternative to liquid moisturiser, where you simply rub it on your body and see the results. I'm sad to say that although it's a interesting concept and it did work slightly, I don't think it gave my body enough moisturising for me to be convinced to purchase it in the future.

The Beyond Organic Skincare range has left me wanting to try more products, but yet with a slight of hesitancy. The eye firmer and the anti ageing cleanser are products I'd buy again in a heartbeat, but as for the others, I'd probably have to see if Beyond Organic have any more suited products to my annoying sensitivity.

Have you tried this range before?



  1. Great post! I love your blog, it's so cute! ^-^

  2. yes its really a great product i think its useful to all
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