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Before starting this review, I must mention the fact that i'm not usually a lipgloss fan. I usually find them overly sticky and quite embarrassing when you're talking and one of your hairs decides to attach itself uninvitingly to your lip gloss. However, the new LuxeLips range from Miners may have completely change my negativity towards gloss and I'm now thinking about all the other products that I may not have given the chance over the years due to a handful of bad experiences.

The new LuxeLips range by Miners comes in five beautiful shades from pearly pinks to barely there nudes. What I love about these lip glosses is the fact that they apply really easily, they're highly pigmented and non-sticky. When you're wearing them, it feels more like you're wearing a lipstick - most likely due to their creamier texture.  

Material Girl

I think secretly every girl has one of those Madonna-esque moments where they see themselves as a fun, flirty material girl and this lipstick does its best to evoke that feeling. Vibrant, classy and oozing femininity, the Material Girl lipgloss is great for those looking for a bit of fun and shopping. The colour really stands out and isn't for the shy characters. If you're looking for a confidence boosting pick me up, then this is your go-to product.

Beauty Queen

Being more of a colour loving girl, I find this lip gloss slightly boring. However I can see it's appeal for those who love their makeup to look as natural as possible or those seeking a more sophisticated look for an interview or a day at work. The 'Beauty Queen' lip gloss has a barely there look, giving the illusion of fuller lips, without looking covered in product.

Uptown Girl

This is the moment where I know you all will be trying your hardest to refrain from singing the Billy Joel classic...or maybe that's just me. Uptown girl is a fab orange tinted lip gloss. The colour is rather subtle and adds a little bit of colourful elegance to your daily makeup regime. I find that the orange looks almost natural, well as natural as orange lip glosses can get and blends effortlessly giving an illusion of wider, shiny lips.

It Girl

If you're going for a 'girl next door' type of look, you're best bet is the new 'It Girl' lip gloss. It's vibrant, yet  not too over the top, girly and classic. If you're more Legally Blonde than Moulin Rouge, more Katy Perry than Nicki Minaj, I'd definitely give this a try.

The new Luxelip lip-glosses retail at £3.99 and can be purchased from



  1. all the colours look really pretty on you!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog post :)

    and I love your blog design! xx


  2. just read your 'about me' section and realised that you're at Huddersfield! I'm hoping to apply there at the end of this year for Architecture! :) x

  3. Love them. I love that you show how each one looked on the lips, very helpful! I love beauty queen, I'm a sucker for a good nude.
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  4. These are all great colours i dont know which i like best!! I really really dont like sticky lipglosses so these sound much more up my street :)

    Nice post


  5. I like UpTown Girl and Beauty Queen the best! Cause I'm more of a natural kind of person :P
    Don't like sticky lipglosses either so gotta give these a try!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. Those glosses look amazing. All of them look great on you! I wish we had them here in the states. (pout).


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