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As you all know I'm going to Ibiza in the next few days and I'm get overly excited. This will be my first proper adult holiday abroad and mine and my partners first couple holiday. I know what a lot of you may think - Ibiza? Couple holiday? Well Ibiza doesn't have much of a reputation for family holidays either, but I fell in love with the island when I was 12 on family vacation and couldn't wait to go back and show my partner. Whilst packing my suitcase, my head has been in a complete whirl about what to wear. When you're on holiday, it's inevitable that you're going to end up with sea salted hair and not looking your best by the end of it, but my intentions are to look glamorous throughout the whole five days...starting with the airport.

We're so used to seeing celebrities waltz into the airport looking like they've been styled to perfection for days. Especially Victoria Beckham, who looks effortlessly chic on any outing. Although I'm not a celebrity and have nowhere near a celebrity budget, a girl is allowed dreams and I thought i'd share them with you. 

For the next five minutes, imagine what you would wear if you had endless cash. Would you be strutting through the private lounge with Louboutins or  Jimmy Choo? Wearing a printed Cavalli dress or Marc Jacobs? 

  • Leather Jacket by Gucci
  • Jumpsuit by Azzaro
  • Handbag by Saint Laurent

When I'm dreaming of leading an extravagant life far from my own, I usually try to find a website that can give me inspiration. These outfit choices have come from Cruise Fashion - perfect for those looking for some holiday luxury. Cruise Fashion is one of the UK's leading luxury retailers with a vast selection of designer brands, including a girls best friend - designer handbags and designer shoes.

The outfit above is simple classic and makes me think of sipping cocktails on the French Rivera. Red is one of my favourite colours and teamed up with white, it gives a bold colour statement.

This second outfit makes me think of a Moroccan destination or somewhere heavily infused with culture. I love Alexander McQueen prints and the way the brand can make the most simplest of outfits a piece of art.

I may not have the latest Alexander McQueen dress or those beautiful Jimmy Choo's, but for now I have my Gucci sunglasses and an abundance of beautiful high street clothes. I can't wait.
Which outfit would you choose?



  1. love that leather jacket!! Have fun in Ibiza lucky girl!

  2. Super exciting! I hope that you have a great time! (Love the shades, by the way)

  3. Love these outfits, the Alexander McQueen dress is my fave!

    Have an amazing holiday!!!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. ah i love this post, the first look is perfection!


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