What's in my suitcase? So far...

Going on holiday is undoubtedly fun and exciting, but if you're anything like me, packing your suitcase can be an absolute nightmare. When you think about it, you have a small luggage allowance and you have to decide exactly what you're going to wear for the next few days. When you're packed, that's it - no turning back. I've decided to a 'What's in my bag' inspired post regarding suitcases to help other travellers get a grasp of what to take on holiday, plus it gives you all a chance to unleash your voyeuristic side and analyse my clothing decisions.

So this in my suitcase with everything thrown into it. I still have a few days to pack and still a few things to add, but I thought I'd show you what I have so far. My baggage allowance is 20kg and currently I'm on 11kg. Obviously it's important to leave space for items you're planning on bringing back home, so I aim to travel light knowing my shoppaholic tendencies.

First into the suitcase are my beautiful Madden Girl sandals I bought in a House of Fraser sale not too long ago. I love the colours and I bet they'll look fantastic on the beach. Following the scandals are my Gucci sunglasses that I wouldn't leave the house without.

Next are a few dresses. I still have more of these to pack, but so far I have two evening style dresses and this gorgeous maxi dress from New Look.  The middle dress will definitely be one of my Ibiza party dresses and that was bought from Lipsy by my fiance as a Christmas present.

As many of my readers will know, this holiday is going to be quite symbolic for many reasons. Firstly, it's my first ever adult holiday abroad due to my laziness in renewing my passport, secondly it's my first holiday abroad with my future husband and third, I've never ever worn a bikini before and after losing all this weight, I think it's about time. I fell in love with both these bikinis as soon as I tried them on. The one in the above image is from Primark and the one below is a high waisted bikini.

Due to the hot weather, it's inevitable that I'll be spending the majority of my time in shorts. I'm taking my new lace shorts from H&M and my stars and stripes shorts from Topshop, along with both crop tops from New Look.

I bought these amazing pink heels from a local boutique a few weeks ago. I think they'll be great for partying and nights out. Teamed up with a white dress, they are the perfect statement wear.

Wedges from Primark! I'm not usually a Primark girl, but these are so comfy. I'm guessing I'll be wearing these quite a lot.

A mask and snorkel and an underwater camera. I love my water sports so I can't wait to take lots of photos!

A few weeks ago I was kindly given these samples of Suntegrity's lastest range to review. It's a natural face moisturiser with a 30 SPF sunscreen protection and can be also used as a primer. Each of the products have a wonderful citrus scent and provides anti ageing properties. When I get back, I'll properly let you know how well they did in the Ibiza heat.

For now, the last things in my suitcase are my Euros, European health card - vital if you're an EU citizen travelling abroad and of course my passport. European health cards are just as important as travel insurance as they allow you to get state health care for free or a reduced rate in emergency situations. Being accident prone myself, I would never even consider travelling without travel insurance or a healthcard. 

So that's my suitcase so far. I still have yet to pack my makeup and a few other essentials. I hope you're enjoyed your sneak peak into my bag and the advice I've given. One last tip, always pack in advance - it makes sure you don't forget anything!
Are you going on holiday soon?



  1. I love your red dress and lace shorts! I wish I was going abroad this year but I can't afford it and don't even have a passport anymore. Packing is one of my favourite things to do in terms of getting ready for holidays!

    Have a great time when you do go.


  2. You're taking some lovely things! This post is getting me seriously excited for my holidays! I can't wait to start packing xx


  3. I always find packing super stressful - I worry about leaving things behind! You look STUNNING in that picture. I love that lipstick shade! I hope that you have a ton of fun. I've got a mini-vacation planned for this weekend - can't wait!

  4. Love the pink bikini and the sandals!
    Have a wonderful holiday :)

    Jess xo


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