Nail Polish Colour Wheels

Before I start writing about the actual post topic, I'd like to pose a question to all my regular followers. In the above image, do I look different? If you answered yes, but couldn't figure out why, it's due to my ever so slight hair colouring disaster yesterday. For a start I picked the wrong colour for my roots and secondly I got so distracted by listening to my current favourite band (The Vaccines) that I left it on a whole 10 minutes longer than it should have been applied. Hence, my hair has now gone almost black. In the picture, I have my lighter hair extensions underneath the dark hair to give it a two tone colour and give the illusion of lighter locks, however without these, it's very, very dark. The change came as a bit of a shock, but now, I'm embracing the rock chick Jessica that left me long ago and has now returned. I'm loving being at the dark side. 

Despite yesterday's mishaps, I've had a really good weekend and to top it off, my nail wheels finally came from China. I bought these on Ebay for £1.37 (including shipping) in hope it would help me organise my nail polish draw. I go through phases where I buy far too much nail polish and end up with multiple polishes that are very similar colours. I've seen lots of bloggers adopting this technique for organisation and I really wanted to try it myself. 

Painting all these colour wheels made me realise that I have over 65 nail polishes - not all nail polishes have been applied to the wheels yet, I'm always buying pink or red colours and a few of my nail polishes have dried out and I didn't realise. 

I love these colour wheels, because I can show them to my friends or family if they ever need to borrow a colour and I can gaze at all the colours from my beautiful collection.

I've also organised the wheels by nail polish brand. The ones that do not have a label are a mixture of brands and my higher end polishes have a wheel to themselves. I love collecting Nail Inc and Ciate.

Crackle polishes also show up on these colour wheels and look amazing! You could also buy additional wheels and experiment mixing various colours. It's great knowing what they will look like before you put them on, if you're in a rush to go out.

Although they take quite a while being delivered, at £1.37 you really cannot go wrong. If you're a nail polish addict or simply want to experiment, I really recommend that you invest in these. They're great for demos if you're a blogger too!

How big is your nail polish collection?


  1. i always have hair dyeing disasters! love your new colour though :) this has made me want to get nail wheels now haha ox

  2. my nail polish collection is much, much smaller but I haven't been using it that long as I've always bitten my nails and didn't see the point!

    Your collection looks really pretty, and I think it's an acceptable level, some people have HUNDREDS of polishes which I think is insane. Good on you for organising it xo

  3. I have loads of these wheels.. I have over 100 polishes though, and like you.. always end up buying multiple polishes of the same shade! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I need to invest in nail wheels. Have been meaning to for a while, but just not got round to buying any. My poor nails can't keep up with the change in polish 24/7! :P


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