Time to refresh

Exams are finally over and it's time for me to give time and effort back to my body. When you're under pressure, your body feels it too - from spots, bags under the eyes due to sleep deprivation to weight gain, weight loss and the general feeling of lethargy.  My face has been worse hit. I've come out with spots which I've never really had before and my eyes look like they have been punched black. I'm hoping the hours I've put into my work will eventually pay off and now it's time to do the same for my body. The first thing I've been doing to get my body back in shape is going to the gym quite frequently as I've gained 5lbs...this isn't much to most people, but it's making me feel uncomfortable.  I'm guessing this is most likely due to comfort eating my way through politics revision. I've been feeling so much better after swimming each day and getting my body into the rhythm of exercise. I love the feeling of endorphines and being energised when I get home. 


On a morning to help my skin, I've been doing lately is using this Vitamin serum to inject some life back into my face.  The Dermaviduals DMS Vitamin Serum is full of vitamin's A, C, E and D, which help promote healthy skin.  I've found the product rather light, refreshing and very easy to use.  Many of my dry skin patches are vanishing away, but I think I will need to use this product a little bit longer than I have been doing to see better results. 

Finally, I've been using a nude nail polish to make me look healthy and preened.  I love this ZOYA nail polish in shade Bela. The colour makes my nails look naturally groomed and it goes with many of my outfits. I find that the nail polish applies really easily and dries easily too, making this a perfect mini investment. The nail polish is £10.50 to buy, which I think is a pretty good value for this brand. I already prefer this product to my Nail Inc polish in the same colour, even though Nail Inc are one of my  favourite brands.

What steps do you take to feel naturally beautiful?


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