A day in the sunshine

Last week the weather was cold and the rain was in heavy force, but this week, there has been such a drastic change. It finally feels like we're entering British Summer Time and for me, it's an opportunity to grab those beautiful summer dresses, chic wedged heels and drink plenty of cocktails. There's nothing like summer fun and having the freedom to venture out of the house without a coat on. My confidence feels at it's peak when it's sunny, because I can show off the figure I've worked damn well hard for the last few years, instead of adding layers to keep myself warm, which inevitably make me look chubby.

This burgundy skater dress from Brave Soul is one of my favourite daywear outfits. It's elegant, yet funky and looks really feminine.  Being a little bit of a 'rock chic', I love the fact that it has studded shoulder pads. It's great to wear to my local rock bar or for cocktails with the girls somewhere a little more high class. 

Bravesoul.co.uk has many great outfits available at such a low price range. This dress was only £25.00, which is great for any budget and there's plenty more dresses where this came from.

What would you buy?



  1. love the dress!


  2. The shoulder pads are so cute on this dress! x

  3. Love love love that dress, the colour looks beautiful on you :)
    Love Holly x

  4. i love the studs on this dress and the burgundy colour really suits you :) ox

  5. Gorgrous, love your dress. The studs are fab :)

    xo Ellie blog | design


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