Summer Nails

With the sun being brighter than it has been all year, I'm getting ever so slightly obsessed with bright, cheerful nail polishes. Whether its bright orange, pink or even neon, there's nothing like a bold coloured nail polish to brighten your mood.  Here are some of my current favourites.

Beauty UK - Posh Polish  (No 15 Funky Diva) and Glam Nails ( Dolly Mixture No 70)

Unfortunately my nails aren't in the best of condition and as you scroll through all these pictures, you will notice looks of nails that look bitten. This isn't the case - I've never bitten my nails, I just unfortunately suffer from very brittle nails due to my deficiencies. I've tried nail strengtheners, different types of nail applications, but none of them really work and I don't want to wreck them either more with falsies. Just admire all the colours I have to show you, because seriously, the pictures don't do them justice. 
Polish Polish
I love these colours because they stand out from the crowd and oranges, pinks and reds are my favourite choice of nail colour. They seem to effortlessly compliment my skin tone and look great with most outfits. I've found that the Beauty UK nail polishes have a long durability, which is great for those who suffer from frequent accidental nail polish chipping. The posh polish in particular is fast drying and applies really well, this is very similar to the glam nails, but I think the posh polish has the winning factor for me.
Glam Nails
Beauty UK Cancer Research Paint for Life set. 

With the Beauty UK Cancer Research 'Paint for Life' set, you're able to carry on your nail polish collecting without a guilty conscience. £1 from every sale of these polishes goes to helping Cancer Research - we love shopping, especially when it's for a good cause.

 The colours evoke a sense of girl power, feminine pride and symbolise the Cancer Research logo. This set makes me think of ice lollies and cocktails - a weird combination, but I've always been peculiar anyway.

Finally if you're looking for something different, why not try out this new Nail Art collection? Nail Art's polish collection is bursting with bright, fun summer colours all from the small price of £3.00. I love bargain nail polish, especially when they come in such fabulous colours like these.  The PR company kindly sent me some of the new Nail Art tattoos to try and they are incredibly cute and an easy way to revamp those dull nails. The Nail tattoos are £5.99 and there's 60 mini stickers for you to play around with.

I loved playing around with all these stickers and colours. The colours remind me of Candy floss and something that Katy Perry would probably like. 

As for the stickers, I'm in love with all the little bows and hearts. They stick on easily and take quite a lot of scrubbing to get them off, which means if you keep your nails in good condition, they could last awhile. My favourite has to be the little anchors, but I'm saving them for my sailing holiday in a few weeks.

So there you have it. You've seen all my new polishes that have been added to my ever-growing collection.  Is it normal to have nearly 100 nail polishes? I don't know, but I can guarantee i'll end up buying some more in the near future.

What's your favourite nail polish?



  1. How cute are them stickers.

    Kate - Sparkle dust x

  2. what color did you get in the makeup atelier paris foundation? i find the website coloring so confusing!


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