Macadamia Control Hairspray

With the wind and rain being a predominant force at the moment, we're all grabbing our hairspray cans and praying that our hair will hold out for the day. I'm really picky when it comes to hair products due to having an overly sensitive scalp and heat damaged hair. I hate it when you buy hairspray that is literally like glue and you spend hours with a comb the next day, whilst tugging half of your hair out.  I gave up on hairspray for quite a long time, until discovering the Got2B range a few months ago. Their hairspray worked rather well with my hair, but I still felt it took the shine away and left my hair looking slightly lifeless. It was when I ran out of my Got2B hairspray that I turned to one of my favourite haircare brands for help and I was guided in the direction of their new control hairspray. 

The Macadamia control spray is one of Macadamia Oil's newest products and they state that the spray will give you a long lasting hold which brushes out easily. The spray is also humidity resistant, enhances your hair's natural shine and gives you UV protection. The Macadamia control spray has to be one of my favourite hairsprays I've used to date. It works well as an everyday hairspray and it doesn't cause the build up that most products do. I love the scent, the sophisticated bottle design and most of all that the product contains soy proteins that helps encourage healthy looking hair. If I still worked in the hair salon, this is a product that I would recommend to my friends, family and my old clients. 

The product costs £17.95 and you don't need to use that much at a time, making it very cost efficient. I would always pay that little bit more for hair products as I believe great looking hair is the most important part of a persons outfit. My friends that have accidentally sniffed my hair whilst on a night out have been asking what product I've used and my mother has been sneaking the bottle into her bedroom when I'm away. The Macadamia Oil Control spray is clearly a big hit, like all the Macadamia Oil range. If you was to invest in any hairspray, from a professional hairdressing opinion and a beauty blogger, I'd say MC's Control spray is the way to go. 

What's your favourite hairspray?



  1. sounds lovely but £18 is pretty pricey - eek! x

  2. Very expensive for hair spray, however, hair spray tends to last me such a long time so it probably would be worth it. Macadamia in general sounds fantastic :)
    Amy xx
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