Fitness Challenge: Gym Music

If you have recently read my Twitter feed, (@jessycalouise) many of you will know I have recently embarked on a tone up mission for my holiday to Ibiza. As you can see from my pictures, my stomach is a little bit flabby and I unfortunately have stretch marks from when I lost six stone two years ago. I'm determined to get a little bit more in shape to make myself happy at last in a bikini and I finally feel after all those years its within arms reach. All this working out inspired me to write a post about gym music. You can usually spot me at the gym shaking my hips as I'm on the cross trainer and lip syncing my favourite songs to get motivated. I find that certain music makes me work harder. It can be the simple fact that I relate to the song, I want to be like someone in that music video or the rhythm.  So here's my recommendations for every new and old gym bunny out there.

Heavy songs

No-one can ever take away the rock chic side of my personality, it seems evident in most things that I do. My wardrobe is full of fake leather items and I wish I could turn back time and suddenly appear in the 80s. Rock music isn't usually listened to in the gym, but it's got a great heavy beat and can often make you feel really sexy.

Indie/ Pop Rock

I find indie rock music to be great for interval training, where you need to run at different speeds to get your heart pumping. When I listen to bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I imagine running on the beach in California rather than on a treadmill, it's great for escapism.

Pop and Dance Music

Pop and dance music is very popular in the gym, because it evokes a feel good mood. There's always some type of dance music added to my gym playlist as you can never go wrong with it. 

What's your favourite music?



  1. I love heavy metal for running to! Nice fast beats and a bit of shoutiness is great for motivation :)

    Jess xo

  2. I love the 80's as well! Journey's not bad, I should add it to my walking playlist! I find that Kelly Clarkson is good when moving, it'S kinda empowering! Hahaha!

  3. I listen to lots of rap when I work out and some rock!

  4. Good luck hun, I'm sure you'll meet your target, but you already look great so don't go OTT.. :)

    Music wise, I like songs with a good beat/bass track.. So, dance songs are my go too. At the moment on my short jog, I have Rita Ora R.I.P on repeat.. Love it and love the lyrics!


  5. Good luck with that, Im pretty sure you will look stunning at Ibiza!!!
    and well what can I say, i love listening to music while I run so, you go girl!

  6. I would have never thought you were once 6 stone heavier! I would love to have your figure :) I hope the toning goes well! you will have to update us on how it goes!

  7. Kudos for posting the pictures, I'm sure it's nerve wracking posting pictures of yourself in a bikini/underwear. To be honest you look like you have a great figure I'm not sure what you're worried about. But if you've already managed to loose 6 stone (Well done btw) I've no doubt you'll achieve your goal this time round too.

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