Eye-lash Revamp: LashFibres

For aslong as I can remember, my eyelashes have caused me many confidence issues. Makeup artists that have worked with me say I have wonderfully long eyelashes, but if that's the case, why do they never stand out as much I would like? I've tried curling them and purchasing many different masacras, but I came to the conclusion that all hope had gone. I felt like I was doomed to have fine none existent eyelashes all my life or surrender to a life of daily fakery - something that isn't really my 'cuppa tea'. Don't get my wrong, when I discovered fake eyelashes for the first time I thought they were a god send and I wore them as much as I could, but to do this on a daily basis would take too much time and effort. I'm a get up and go type of girl and I like simplicity. If I applied fake eyelashes everyday, I can guarantee that I'll be running for the bus and one would be stuck in my hair whilst the other would have fallen off and yes girls, I have experienced days like that before. 

I was recently approached by the PR company that handles Lash fibres and asked if I wanted to do a review. Upon first hearing about the product, I laughed skeptically and told myself that it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. I've grown too accustomed to lash products letting me down over and over again and with the product having a rather low price tag  I thought it would have no chance. Despite all my concerns, I thought I might as well give it ago and I can happily say I take back all my snide giggles and all my hesitancy against the product. Lash Fibres has worked really well and made such a difference to my daily makeup regime. For on the go bigger lashes, this is perfect. Gone are the hours spent wasted aligning fake eyelashes, here's a product that makes a difference instantly with no glue in sight. 

LashFibres in an instant eyelash brush containing mini fibres that cling onto your mascara. This gives you luscious lash volume within seconds and takes only three steps. Perfect for those lusting over longer eyelashes, but lack the time to apply fakes.

Step one

Apply your own mascara. I've gone for my usual B Longer lengthening mascara - it's one of my favourites from Superdrug and it works really well with my short lashes.

Step 2

Apply the LashFibres over your mascara using a downwards method (the opposite to how you would normally apply your eye mascara) and then wait 30 seconds.

Step 3

Apply your second coat of mascara and voila - it's done. 

As you can tell my eyelashes look more pronounced and my eyes look wider. This is probably one of the first times that my eyelashes have really stood out on camera without wearing falsies. I'm really happy that I've found a product that I can wear on a daily basis that doesn't take much effort and erases my lack of confidence when it comes to eyelashes.  The product retails at £9.95 from Superdrug - at that price I think i'll be hauling these next time I go shopping. 

I've finished my LashFibres look with a bright lipstick and cat-flick eyeliner, it's my signature makeup look and the one I'll be applying the most whilst using this product. I've used my Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner and my MAC Archie Girl lipstick that I keep falling in love with over and over again.  So finally...

Optional Step 4: 

Do a cheesy, wacky, slightly disturbing grin on camera. Yep, that's what I do when I'm happy. I pull rather weird faces then my partner comes across them on my camera and gives me a what the hell face. Plus, you get to see how your new eyelashes look from all different angles...or take lots of 'selfies' for Facebook...go on, you know you want to. 

Have you tried LashFibres?



  1. Oh wow these are really good and reasonably priced! I use Model Co which are fab. Love the lippy :)

  2. Oh wow Jess that is an amazing difference! - Definietly trying this, I have the same problem, My lashes are a mid-long length & because of the amount of eyeliner (catflick like yours) I apply, they sort of get lost in the black!

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

  3. Ive tried products like this from other brands and really like the results Ive seen on from them. That lipstick looks fab on you lovely xx


  4. my goodness you are just beautiful! I absolutely adore the cheesy wacky grin too haha :)

    Amazing review! Now I just want to go buy it... ahhh...

  5. I really want to try this out! X

  6. I loved your vacation photos. I too have a Yorkie!!! His name is Cocoa. Thanks for following my blog, I came to look at yours and adore it! I like your makeup and skincare items too. Much fun. I wish I lived in the UK. :)
    I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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