bank holiday at blackpool

Blackpool is usually regarded as the most cheesy, tacky, alcohol ridden city in the UK, but so many Brits still enjoy a day out on the west coast during a bank holiday weekend. This Monday was no exception. Me, my partner and my parents went to the costal city of Blackpool for the day to frolic on the beach, play in the amusements and visit the Sea Life centre. When we arrived, we were greeted by manic drivers trying to find a parking place, a disrespectful woman who thought it was appropriate to casually swear at us and a mismatch of crazy folk unsure of which direction to walk in. Sounds like a bad day? Nope, we had an amazing time - it's just a shame about hour we spent trying to to park.

The sun was gleaming and I was walking around in a crop top and mini skirt. It has been the first time in my entire life that I have worn a top that shows off my belly and the weather was perfect for it. Unfortunately I didn't think to wear suntan lotion on the hotest day in the year so far, what a big mistake. 

To hide from the sun, me and my fiance decided to visit Blackpool Sea Life centre. I'm a complete fish fanatic and I love everything to do with the sea. There was so much variety at the Sea Life centre and I loved being able to walk through the tunnel of sharks, see the glowing jelly fish and most importantly their turtle exhibition. I found the Sea Life centre a wonderful distraction from the sun and all that water around us definitely gave a cooling effect.

Our journey ended with a walk along the pier and a bite to eat in a nearby bar. We saw no alcoholics or maniacs in Blackpool, just people soaking up the sun with a smile on their faces.  Everyone seemed happy and we all had a pleasant, fun day out.  It makes a change to escape the small suburban village where I live and encounter the bustling life of a costal town. When I said I was going to Blackpool, most people raised their eyebrows and said 'that's not really my cuppa tea'. Well I think people should start looking at the bigger picture, because during the day, Blackpool can be lots of fun. 



  1. I think that it sounds like a fun place to visit! It looks like you had a good time :)

  2. Stopping by from the beauty blogger bunch to say hi! Love the beach and the UK, great photos.

  3. Aw sounds like a lovely day! I spent the bank holiday Monday on brighton beach, so lovely :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Aw I love Blackpool, we used to go every year just to see the lights. & the pleasure beach is still an amazing amusement park!
    Looks like you had an amazing time Jess & your outfit looks lovely :)

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

  5. Just lovely, seems like you really enjoyed it.


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