Wedding Fever & Gay Marriage

Wedding Plans:

My dream wedding plans are truly coming into fruition. I've talked to my Dad's friend about potentially loaning me his 1960s car for my wedding transport, I've booked my venue and church and I still have over a year and a half until I get married. How organised am I? Today I decided to delve into more wedding dresses. I'm pretty sure you'll get bored of these posts eventually,but I'd like to think that my blog also can serve as an online diary that shows me wedding dresses that I have liked in the past - plus I get to share all my excitement with you, rather than annoying my friends 24/7.

Gay Marriage:
On the topic of marriage, gay and lesbian couples are currently under battle with the British government to allow gay marriage in the country. Parliament are currently in the voting stages and are receiving very mixed views. Like the majority of current day women, I have dabbled with my sexuality whilst sipping a bottle of my favourite alcoholic beverage and in my opinion, I see no difference to the love of a woman compared to a man. Everyone falls in love with the same sex at some point in their life, it's just not always full on. For example, as women, we idolise other women with perfect bodies and lust after them. Therefore, aren't we displaying a short display of bisexuality?  Love is love. We are all made to fall in love and respect other people, it's human nature. If two people decide that they fall in love with the same gender, why should we care? We live in a world with so much hatred and crime, we should be celebrating people that would like to be at peace and declare their love on a wider scale. After all, times have changed dramatically in the last century. Some women are now opting for designer babies, more and more people are changing their bodies dramatically with cosmetic surgery - who are we to say what is natural anymore? Love is natural, it's probably one of the purest things to come out of this world. So for any gay, straight, bi, pansexual, asexual follower of mine, know this - you are always welcome in the Forevermissvanity community.


Today, or rather this evening, I have decided to give you a mini run down of some wedding mood boards I've created. I was contacted by a lovely woman named Charlotte who pointed me in the direction of the new Phase Eight wedding collection and I thought I'd play around with some of their products. Here's some of my look books. 
None of these images are my own

These mother of the bride outfits would suit my mum down to a tee, especially the one of the left. She is a lover of pink and likes anything floral. I like to think of the 'mother of the bride' figure as elegant, sophisticated and wise. I'd like her outfit to be approachable, friendly and subtly stand out. Mothers are supposed to have a caring appeal and I think floral patterns, baby pinks and light grey colours are definitely the way forward. I'm not too much of a hat person, but if someone would like to wear one to my wedding, I wouldn't object. 

None of these images are my own
Sticking to my late 1950's, early 1960s theme, I've chosen these beautiful retro looking bridesmaid dresses to show you. The red one reminds me of a rock'n'roll type dress, whilst the other makes me think of 'Sandy' from Grease in her innocent days. 
None of these images are my own

These bridal dresses have such vintage appeal, with lashings of vintage lace and trimmings. Unfortunately I've already fallen in love with another dress elsewhere, but these are fabulous contenders for anyone looking for a vintage style wedding dress.

None of these images are my own

Gay marriage isn't something I have any experience of, but I did not want to leave anyone out. I decided to focus more on blazers as a lot of lesbian weddings I have seen, the women who prefers to wear the dress (a lot of the time both) goes for the usual wedding dress types. I'm all for slim fitted, tailored wedding dresses for gay weddings. They really cling to the woman's figure showing off her best assets, whilst being simple, yet striking. The blazer on the left is by Ann Taylor, middle is by Next and the final blazer was picked from I really love these blazers as they're really feminine and fitted, yet have a masculine appeal.

I hope you like all my choices. What do you think?



  1. love that you included the gay marriage option ! the 2nd bridesmaid dress and the middle wedding dress are my favourites ! x

  2. It's so kind that you have included gay marriage too.
    This post is full of interestings options,
    great job!
    Kiss from a your new follower

  3. I love the first bridesmaid dress so much! But maybe a bit of a risque for a bridesmaid? haha, although I love weddings with a slant so maybe red bridesmaid and wedding dresses should be the way forward!

  4. I love the two dresses at the mother of the bride, the red Bridesmaid dress, the third bride dress and at the last trio, it just looks so sexy! :>

    I'm following you now on GFC! Hope you follow me back :)

  5. Rolling up in a 1960s classic sounds fantastic. I also really like the red dress for the bridesmaids.

    Congrats on the wedding!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and loving the wedding chat, it is such a happy occasion and is always fun to hear about other peoples plans. I am such a big sop! haha. That sounds like so much fun arriving in a 1960s car and love the middle wedding dress! New follower now :-)
    Lianne x

  7. Great post!..and congratulations! :)
    Check out our latest post - Valentine's Day: What couples can do
    Lots of Love
    Chic Factor Team

  8. great post and congratulations!
    im also in the middle of planning a wedding :)

  9. love this post!

    I'd wear these tuxedo blazers any day, never mind for a wedding :)

  10. Hey, i've tagged you for the Liebster award, check out my blog for the information :)
    love your blog

  11. You are organised! We want to get married in 18months and have barely anything sorted yet!

    Have you got any tips for finding unusual wedding shoes?

  12. I really really love the section about gay marriage! xx

  13. Hey nice post. Helped alot. although it was very difficult to find the dress which fit nicely as i was little overweight but Thanks to Panlean i managed to get in to shape. here is the review of it if anyone is interested.


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