Valentines Day Perfume

I have two major obsessions in my life and when I say obsessions, I mean verging on OCD. The first is checking my emails all through the day, literally every five minutes. This often causes me to wake up at unearthly hours and check for new mail that I know probably won't be there. My logic seems to fail as not many people would really go out of their way to send an email at 3am. My next obsession is perfume. Big bottles, small bottles, flower scented or musk, I can't get enough of them. I'm a perfume addict and I've never been ashamed of it. Don't you just love walking past someone in the streets and being hit by a beautiful scent of wild flowers and fruits? I'm instantly drawn to women with an impeccable taste of fragrance, so god knows how the male species manage to control themselves. With Valentine's day just under two weeks away I thought it would best to show you some of my high street favourites. 

  • La Vie Est Belle - Lancome
I was luckily bought this by my mother at Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing it. It smells really feminine combining citrus fruits with a warm, sweet floral scent. Having managed to go through almost three perfume bottles in the last few months, I'm happy to say this scent is lasting me the longest. 

  • Jimmy Choo - Flash
Those who love the original Jimmy Choo perfume will fall in love with this new scent. I've always admired the Jimmy Choo perfumes and when I had the opportunity to try this the other day, I felt so sad leaving the shop knowing that right now I can't afford it. The bottle is very glitzy and stylish, which would look perfect in your handbag or in your bedroom. The perfume exhibits a very fruity and floral scent with base notes of pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry.

  • Marc Jacobs - Dot
Marc Jacobs Dot is perfect for anyone that likes quirky designs and wants to stand out from the crowd. I've always been an admirer of Marc Jacobs and his perfumes simply evoke a sense of his crazy design work.  The perfume is very fruity with an undertone of vanilla and musk. Great for those who perfume a subtly sweet scent rather than something over powering.  

  • YSL - Manifesto
I love this scent, but unfortunately I have just run out. The YSL manifesto is great for those who like to appear sophisticated and sexy. The bottle is curvy, quite simplistic yet glamorous  I love the purple detailing and the signature YSL logo. YSL manifesto is very floral and feminine with top notes of Lily and Blackcurrant and base notes of Cedar wood, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Finally, here's my very latest perfume and the scent I'll be wearing this Valentine's day - Especially Escada
From the moment I walked into the perfume shop and tried this product, I knew I wanted it. It was the bottle that drew me in with it's beautifully carved golden top and the pink colouring of the scent. 

 Unfortunately saving for a wedding has made me sacrifice my perfume addiction and I had to pull away. A few weeks later, I received an email from a wonderful PR lady asking if I would like to try any of their new fragrances. When I saw this bottle being mentioned, I kindly asked if I could have a sample. Happily expecting a vial, I told myself that I would be able to carry that around until I eventually could afford the bottle. Imagine my surprise when I opened my parcel and there was a full sized bottle of the perfume - doing my job definitely has its perks. 

Especially Escada is a very feminine and playful scent. Like the advertisement for the perfume, I can easily see myself wearing a little pink dress and picking roses wearing this product. It's fruit and fresh, making this a perfect waking up product. When I spritz this perfume, it makes me feel more awake, more vibrant. The perfume smells of pear, rose, ambrette seeds, Ylang Ylang and musky notes, all combining to make a joyful, bright and alluring spray. When a perfume makes you feel so good about yourself, you know you have to have it. This perfume has my personality to a tee and I can't wait to wear it for my special valentines evening. 

What is your favourite perfume?



  1. My fave will always be the original Jimmy Choo.. not liking Flash too much & Lady Million :) gorge scents!

  2. Marc Jacobs' dot is wonderful!


  3. I love Marc Jacobs perfume.. I have a bottle of Dot & it's delicious but I also have Lola, Daisy and Daisy Fresh. I feel now I have a scent for every occassion!

    Amy x

  4. My favourite is Miller Harris :-) xx

  5. I've heard amazing things about YSL's Manifesto!
    Megan xxx

  6. The Marc Jacobs Dot perfume is one of my favorites!!

  7. I'm dying to try the Marc Jacobs. Thanks for following my blog, I've followed back!
    Katie xx


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