Valentines Day Glamour

A lot of my friends seem to ask me: "What is all the fuss about valentines day?" Most of them don't see them don't see the point in it or use the same excuse: "Why use one day of the year to show someone you love them? It should be all year round." My answer is simple - I find Valentines day fun, exciting and really, a chance to dress up...and I'm not speaking kinky. I'm an old school romantic. I believe in sending love letters regularly, saying I love you before hanging up the phone, kissing in the streets and doing all the things that most people seem to moan about. Valentines day isn't an excuse to say I love you, we say that enough already, but it's an excuse to pretend you have only just started dating and you have the puppy love feeling all over again. If you could go back to your first date, would you change the outfit you was wearing? Have a different hair colour?  In the image above, I have compiled my perfect Valentines outfit. Due to a spending ban, unfortunately I wont be buying anything, but a girl can definitely dream. 

Image taken from needthatstyle
1: The Dress

Figure enhancing, cleavage exposing and pin up girl-esque, this dress is simply to die for. I love the way the dress pattern focuses on the slimmest part of your stomach, whilst the horizontal lines emphasize those curves. 

Available from: £99

Image taken from Kandee Shoes
2: Kandee Shoes

These red and gold Cherry lace Kandees will add an elegant touch to the outfit and a small bit of sparkle. You can't go wrong with a pair of trust Kandees - from my own personal experience, they are comfortable, reliable and make your legs look fierce. I've been longing for those shoes for so long, if only the shoe fairies would come visit me sometime soon.

Available from: £169.00
Image taken from Zarataylor website
3: The Necklace

The dress and shoes have such a vintage feel, so it would only be right to team the outfit up with a wonderful vintage style necklace. This Zara Taylor design is classic, sophisticated and would go with any outfit. Added to this dress, it would evoke a sense of  old Hollywood glamour and I'm sure Liz Taylor herself would have been happy to wear such an elegant neck chain. The best thing about this item is the fabulously low price of £20.

Available from:

Images taken from ASOS
4: The Clutch

At £35 this Aldo Gooder Jewelled Box Clutch bag is the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. The gold embellishments tie in nicely with the gold on the shoes, the necklace and goes fabulously with the red dress. The cream colour is subtle and does not overpower the outfit. I think the clutch is very charming, feminine and something that I would love to own. The nude colour would go with so many different outfits for many different occasions. 

Available from:  £35

I'm seriously in love with this outfit. Red and gold really evoke a sense of love and lust, making this outfit a perfect choice for Valentines day. 

If you love the dress as much as I do and have the budget to spare, has kindly teamed up with Forevermissvanity to give all my readers a very generous 10% discount on the dress! This means you can grab the dress for £89.99, saving a fabulous £10! You could buy some makeup with your savings...although I probably shouldn't be giving you ideas.

To redeem your exclusive 10% off simply quote: MISSVANITY at the checkout. 

What do you think of my outfit choice?



  1. Love those heels! So pretty :) x

  2. wow love this :) its beautiful

  3. I agree with you - Valentine's Day is a day to get dressed up and be with the one you love! It's wonderful. I love everything about this look. It is so romantic and beautiful.

  4. Great Post :)

  5. I completely agree about the dressing up thing! I've never actually never had a date on Valentines until this year, last year I may have (unintentionally!) blown my boyfriend off to spend the 14th with my friend in Leeds, and before that I've really not been a fan of the whole lovely-dovey one day red roses thing. However, I have always seen it as a day to dress up! I will try to wear something girly, probably with pink nails and some hearts included too :D

  6. That red dress is totally amazing! I am inlove! loved the post!

    I just started a fashion blog & would love if you could check it out!
    Probablly follow each other via GFC and bloglovin??
    Hugs & Kisses!

  7. Nice dress :)
    Check out my blog at:

  8. amazing shoes! :D
    I really like your blog and your style,
    I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    and if you like it, follow me back!:)


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