Memoirs of a Blonde

To some people, a hair colour is insignificant. It doesn't matter whether you're brunette, blonde or a red head, it's just a colour. However, there's a handful of people that believe a hair colour can define your personality. Blondes can be represented as 'dumb', red heads apparently have 'fiery tempers' and brunettes are classy, demure, yet don't know how to have fun.  My hair colour is simply an expression of how i'm feeling at the time. For years I had black hair. This could have been heavily influenced by the amount rock music and concerts I was going to or on a psychological level, it could have been an expression of my life being at it's darkest days. When I turned blonde, I wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the injection of fun into my life and to represent how happy I became during that time period. Being blonde was fun and exciting, but unfortunately it wasn't me.

At first it was fun. Suddenly, I got more attention for the men. Even though I'm happily engaged, it was nice to be complimented and gave my man an ego boost. People presumed I was a party animal and I was invited out a lot more. However, the stigma of being a blonde used to get to me. Like a skinny person being called anorexic just because she's naturally slim, I was being called 'dumb' just for being blonde. I then started missing my brunette sex appeal and now I've decided to go back.

I decided to write this post 'Memoirs of a blonde' because it represents how a hair colour change affect your personality. Blonde brought out a new side of me. An outgoing, unreserved persona that I will take with me on my journey of being brunette. I also got to weigh up the old saying: 'blondes have more fun'. Blondes do get recognised easily. When I'm walking down the streets, people often notice my bright hair.  However, I love the classy looking brunette. Audrey Hepburn and Dita Von Teese are my style icons and as much as I loved going through my Marilyn Monroe moments,  I longed for voluminous dark tresses. 

Tomorrow morning will bring out another side of me. The brunette I've wanted to be for quite awhile.  I've loved being blonde, but my hair is so damaged that it lacks shine and is becoming rather dull. So it's bye bye to the blonde and hello to brunette.

Does your hair colour define aspects of your personality?



  1. Love this post!I have had blond hair for years (not anymore, growing it out) and it fel into acting like a blond bimbo...which at times worked well in my favor. I think once people look past your hair colour (well if they do) those things dont matter to society

  2. I have gingery hair with a blonde ombre so I'm slightly blonde but don't quite fit the mold :) I always think it's good to change your hair, can't wait to see the outcome!
    Rebecca @

  3. Great post and what you're saying is so true! I've been a brunette most of my life and only recently took the plunge and bleached my hair. Some people won't believe it, but like you said, people instantly pay more attention and invite you out more.
    As I'm not the most outgoing person, people used to think I was arrogant - now they just think I'm not speaking because I'm stupid. Interesting, isn't it? Good luck with your hair colour change, I'd love to see some pictures of how it came out! x

  4. Great post! This post means a lot to me, as I have been many different colours and the meanings you have explained are similar to how I feel. Currently as I am writing this post my hair is being dyed a light brown from my normal dark brown.

    The girl in your picture has gorgeous hair!

    love char_beyy xx

  5. Excellent post, very interesting. I've had natural black (or should that be really, really dark brown) hair all my life, I'd like to go blonde just to try it, although I think the amount of bleach it would take would probably melt my scalp away... :/

  6. you look great!!:) kiss,

  7. I think you're incredibly lucky to be able to pull off both colours so wonderfully. I could never go blonde haha. You do look lovely with both colours but I think the brown hair brings out your lovely features more!

    I love your blog and I'm now following you on GFC.

    I'm having a giveaway at my blog and would love it if you checked it out! xx

  8. when I had blonde hair it was in such a shitty condition it didnt give me much confidence although I did get more "attention". Funny how that works :P xx

  9. At least you have the guts to change up your hair color. I have never been able to bring myself to do any other color besides red or blonde despite that I have wanted to.


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