Blonde to Brunette: New Hair Colour

I've been weighing up the pros and cons of each hair colour for the last month and I finally decided to go back to brunette. I loved being a blonde, I had so much fun and I felt that the hair colour made me look healthy and glowing, but unfortunately it was too much upkeep for a mere student like me. I longed for my darker glossy locks back and this morning I went to my local hair salon to get it done. We have gone one shade darker than I originally planned because it will fade too quick on top of blonde, but I'm in love with my new colour. My hair finally looks healthy and insanely shiny. 

Here are a few pictures of my new hair: 

What do you think of the new colour?



  1. Love. But then I loved it Choices choices!
    I've just started going lighter, maybe not all over blonde like you, but lighter.
    The dark ontop of your blonde has prob given it it's own shade, and it does look lovely. :)

  2. I really like it! it makes your eyes stand out more :)

  3. it looks gorgeous :) thankyou for showing the pictures xx

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous, makes your features pop.

  5. Love your hair both blonde and brunette!

    It looks lovely and glossy with the new colour :)

    Sarah @ xx

  6. Hey honey!
    Nice blog! :)
    Love your new haircolour.
    I think that you look prettier with dark hair! :)

    How about following each other?
    Follow me and I promise to do the same! :)

    xo xo

  7. you look so good brunette!

  8. I recently dyed my hair back to brown in the last month, and it feels healthier already. If you want to keep your colour, without the salon pricetag I recommend John Frieda home kits.

    Mel x

  9. Oh wow!!
    Really suits you
    S xx

  10. I love the new colour think it really suits you! Prefer it over the blond.
    Lovely blog btw

    Chloe xx

  11. Red lipstick on u is amazing. Try some dark lipstick, like purple.. <3

    If u have any free time please check out my new blog. <3


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