Elizabeth's Daughter Cream Cleanser

Do you hate it when you find the most perfect eyeliner that stays on forever, but is so stubborn to remove? Removing my makeup is often the part of the day that I dread. It never comes off as easily as it goes on. I have an eyeliner that I use nearly everyday and lasts for up for 24hours, but when I try to remove it, it doesn't want to come off. Searching the market for a good cleanser/makeup remover has been the vein of my life. There are a few products that I have found that are amazing, but rarely last and then there's others that are no better than soap and water.  When I found the Elizabeth's Daughter skin care range, I was anxious to try their facial cleanser and since my initial use, I have fallen in love with it. 

Elizabeth's Daughter is a natural skin care range, free from parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals.  When I read the back of the box, I knew this product was destined for my cosmetics box. My mother always told me that she rarely wore cosmetics when she was young, because she wanted to preserve her skin. She would only have the necessitates such as eyeliner, mascara and a nice lipstick and shone away from foundations that she thought would prematurely age her. My mother is 53 years old and still has immaculate skin for her age. She taught me the importance of looking after your skin, exactly what Elizabeth is trying to teach her daughter by creating this skincare range. 

"Elizabeth's Daughter was created to provide beautiful, simple and effective skincare for young girls. it was born out of the frustration of trying to find products that were not harmful or astringent and fitted into busy young lives. Having suffered from skin problems for my years and struggled to find products that suited my own skin, I was particularly concerned about my daughter's skin. I wanted her to learn from my own experience and understand the importance of looking after her skin, not only from the outside but from the inside too." - Elizabeth Hallett

The product is really simple to use. Just apply to dampened skin, massage gently and wipe away with a cotton wool pad. The cleanser has a small pump and you only need a tiny amount. I have been using this regularly for the last few weeks and the product still looks full. The cleanser is infused with Kalahari watermelon Seed Oil, Orchid Extract and Lady Thistle oil. The product smells fresh and subtle, the scent is not overpowering and my face is left soft and smooth. I love getting into bed with a clean face and not feeling icky due to clumpy mascara or left on foundation. Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub, some products like to latch on. Elizabeth's Daughter's cleanser seemed to take it all off in a matter of minutes. 

Ta-dah! Here's the finished result. Clean, glowing and au natural.

The facial cream cleanser can be bought for £12 from the Elizabeth's Daughter website. This is far cheaper than Clarins or Clinique, both of which failed me in the cleanser department, but I love all their other products.

                                                    Would you consider trying this cleanser?



  1. This sounds pretty good - need to get through all my other cleaners first though!
    Happy New Year :)

  2. Love this! Just found you! Will be stopping back!



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