Christmas Time

I can't believe how fast Christmas has come and gone. It feels like yesterday when I was secretly shopping for my fiances Google Nexus and now he's never away from it. Christmas is supposed to be a fun time with friends and family and I can happily report that my Christmas definitely exceeded my expectations. 

Drinking isn't usually on my top list of priorities, but I loved having a little tipple of my favourite Jack Daniels and Coke this Christmas Eve. I spent most of the night snuggled up on the sofa with James and watched Muppets Christmas Carol - Christmas is never the same without it. 
My table.

On Christmas day, I had my future in-laws over and my mother cooked a beautiful vegetarian meal for myself and turkey for the rest of the family. I think it's the first Christmas that she hasn't managed to burn something, she's definitely getting better at cooking each year. Having spent Christmas Eve at James' house and returning to mine in the morning, I loved seeing how much effort my mum had put into dressing the table. We always go overboard at Christmas - out comes the expensive china and the sparkling silver cutlery.

James feeding my dog alcohol - naughty boys.

James drinking alcohol.

I've been so spoilt with Christmas presents this year. I was told when I got older i'd get barely any presents, but each year I've been exceeding my parents expectations. My favourite present has to be my beautiful Pandora bracelet and my vintage newspapers from James. He knows me so well and I love being surprised by him, it's always something I will like. other presents include: surplus bath goodies, chocolates, my two year Marie Claire Subscription, La Vie Est Belle perfume by Lancome, books, teddies and yet another onesie. I was also given money before Christmas, which I spent on a few clothes - outfit posts will be coming in the New Year.

I've had such a wonderful Christmas and I've been such a lucky girl. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas 2012.

What did Santa bring you for Christmas?



  1. Your dress looks gorgeous!
    Looks like you've had a lovely Christmas :)


  2. I got some lovely things for Christmas now looking forward to New Year's Eve. I just started a blog do you think you, could take a look?

  3. Love your outfit, you look stunning. Gorgeous photos too

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  4. Love your Christmas photos, you look so gorgeous in that dress! X

  5. You got such lovely stuff!!
    Looks like you had a great holidays dear :)

  6. You look amazing! Love all the photos <3


  7. Gorgeous dress! Happy new year


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