Crazy Angel: Midnight Tan

Tanning has never been my strong point. I either apply too little in case I turn orange, or apply too much and look like I've been tangoed. This has left me avoiding fake tan altogether and leading a very pale life. Even when I go on holiday, I don't tan. Instead I turn bright red and end up looking worse than I did before I left. Tanning and I will never get along...well that's what I thought. The other day I stumbled across a PR alert regarding a new brand of fake tan called 'Crazy Angel'. I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose trying this out? So I sneakily asked if they would send me a sample. The sample they sent was The Crazy Angel: Midnight Duo Set. This includes the Midnight Kiss Self Tanning Lotion and The Crazy Angel body scrub. 

A few nights ago I decided to take the plunge and experiment. Whilst having a bath, I applied the Crazy Angel Body Scrub and it smells beautiful. The product is infused with Sesame and Bearberry and offers a soft, polished finish to your skin. My skin felt fantastically soft after using this product and I love the bright pink colour. 

The next step was the actual tanning process and I'm happy to report that everything went perfectly. The tan was easy to use and it has given my body a beautiful olive glow. Even my partner, who doesn't really like it when I use fake tan, has said he loves the colour and that it makes me look healthy and glowing. 

The tan glides over the skin with a deep chocolate colour, so that you know you're not going to miss a spot. After gently massaging the product into the skin, it settles to a much lighter, olive shade. The best thing about this fake tan was the fact that I only used a tiny amount and the bottle is still near full. I could easily see this product lasting me for quite a while.

Once you've applied the fake tan, it's recommended that leave the product to dry for 15 minutes before you come into contact with fabric. My tan dried a lot quicker than expected and I was able to be clothed in more like 10 minutes, but it;'s better not to risk it. Apart from a few missed patches on my back ( not being able to reach), my tan looks amazing.

Have you tried the Midnight Tan before?


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  1. Oh my gosh! It looks so natural. I've never tried fake tanner before and every time I see one that looks good I want to use it lol. But I think I'll keep it natural for now :)

    xoxo Azu


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