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Welcome to my new blog layout, I hope you like it!

The weather outside is dull, cold and somewhat resembling Narnia. The golf course near me has a soft sheen of snow that has finally been trampled on by little children and my road is like an assault course putting me to the test as I trek to Uni. My clothing of choice has been thick jumpers, a scarf stolen from my mother and thick walking boots, subsequently following my 'slobby' sense of clothing has been a natural makeup free face. Going through the effort of applying makeup when embarking on such long, hazardous snow journeys has not been worth it. By the time I've got to the university doors, I've had bright red cheeks from the cold air and my hair has been sticking out at strange angles due to the climate. When I finally reached my town centre earlier today, I felt the urge to reward myself by purchasing some makeup and here's what I bought today. Be aware, there's many unflattering photographs of me wearing no makeup at all...

MUA Pro Base Palette - £2.50

I'm useless when it comes to applying primers and potions before foundation, I'm usually in such a hurry that some basic skin care steps can often be missed. This leads to my foundation looking rather drab at times and  although it has amazing coverage, it doesn't stand out as much as I'd like. I've heard a lot of positive reviews in regards to the new MUA Pro-Base palette so I thought for £2.50 it would be worth picking it up. The trio set includes: two concealers and a highlighter. The product helps set your makeup, hide the blemishes and define your facial contours. I went for the porcelain palette due to having really fair skin and I found that the concealer covered rather well. 

Here's a picture of me with my foundation applied. As you can see, my cheeks are looking rosy due to the highlighter and although I have slight darkening under my eyes it isn't so bad compared to the previous image.

B Groomed Eyebrow Kit (£2.50)  and B Longer Eye Mascara (£7.99)
B cosmetics is a new range for Superdrug with fantastic introductory offers. The packaging looks really sleek and elegant and there's so many products to choose from. Having long for a new eyebrow pencil, but not being able to currently afford my beloved MAC, I decided to choose from this new range. The eyebrow pencil comes complete with a mini brush to tidy all your stray hairs, a brown pencil and a wax counterpart. The product is simple to use and blends really well. I'm really impressed with this product as it matches the exact colour of my hair and makes my eyebrows really stand out. The mascara is equally as fabulous. It has been a long time since I've found a mascara that gives me dramatically long eyelashes. I've always suffered from short embarrassing eyelashes, especially when you compare them to my fiances. The B longer eye mascara made my eyelashes look so dramatic and literally eye popping. I will have to give it a few weeks to see if the novelty wears off, but it's definitely in line for being my holy grail of eye mascaras. 

Miners Colour Kohl Eyeliners £1.99 each

I love eyeliners, but I'm boring and always stick to black. I was sent these little beauties in the post to review and they arrived today. Miners cosmetics are the official makeup brand for Dancing on Ice, therefore you can expect their products to be bold, daring and very colourful.   The eyeliners come in four different shades for you to choose and cost only £1.99 each. The colours available are: Brown, Black, Blue and Gold. For this little review I decided to shade in my eyelid using the gold pencil,  draw a cat flick eye pattern with the black eyeliner and finally finish off using the gold eyeliner again for my under eye. 

And here's the finished result:

My new makeup is really affordable and easy to use, I don't regret any of the purchases so far. Hopefully buying this new makeup will get me out of my lazy habit of going makeup free during the winter weather and challenge me to create additional makeup looks.

What do you think of the products?


  1. You look good without makeup, don't worry! I like the liners, they look cool, and the final look as well!

  2. Love the layout. Your skin is still pretty without the makeup lovely :) I do love the look of those liners though, might have to go and take a looksie :) xx

  3. I love the Miners kohl pencil in the gold and blue especially!


  4. I'm in love with the MUA pro-base kit at the moment, I bought it just to review last week & its actually become my go to concealer now for everyday! :)

    Great post Jess

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  5. Your new layout is lovely.

    I LOVE MUA, I need this ASAP! Great reviews.

  6. Love the new look/layout.. Very posh, clean and simple. :)

    You look so pretty without makeup, but even with, it still looks natural.. Good haul. :)

  7. You look really pretty without makeup

  8. Looks beautiful on you.


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