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It's snowed heavily here today in Huddersfield and I've spent the majority of the day snuggled up in bed with my onesie. My tonsillitis is beginning to ease off, but head has been pounding and I'm coughing every second minute of the day. Don't we all love winter bugs? I'm hoping all the cold weather doesn't make everything worse right now, I doubt i'd be able to handle it. So back to my normal, boring day. I was sitting in bed with my onesie and I received a knock at the door.  I ran downstairs and I was delivered a cute little parcel. Nothing makes your day better than receiving a handful post, unless of course it's bills, everyone hates bills.  The parcel contained this cute little eyeliner set that I had been sent to review. Eyeliner is something I wear almost everyday and even if I wear nothing else, I always try to put a little bit of eyeliner on. Even in bed this morning, I thought I'd look a little more glamorous with cat-flick eyes, only to have fallen asleep and woken up with them all smudged. We're so used to seeing celebrities in photographs posing in bed with a full face of makeup, but we all know as soon as they shut their eyelids there will be lipstick on the sheets, foundation on the pillows and then you wake up like you've had a drunken night out. Always the case. 

RVB cosmetics is an Italian based skin care brand that stand by using chemical free, natural products.

This wonderful compact eyeliner set comes with a powder pot, small applicator and a little mirror. It's the perfect size to carry around in your handbag and the pigments are tightly compacted so it wont spill all over your makeup bag. The description of the product says:

" Perfect as a modular eyeliner allowing application of outlines from the thinnest to the most intense. Moisten the applicator brush with water, form a "cream" with the compact powder of the product then apply. As an eye shadow  it can be used completely dry for a deep yet transparent black, or moistened for a more intense black or impeccable hold" - RVB Team. 

The picture above illustrates how natural the eyeliner looks. I'm wearing no other makeup apart from this and yet it doesn't look out of place at all. 
I haven't yet tried it as an eye shadow, but as an eyeliner I'm pretty impressed. I liked how easy it was to switch between bigger or small strokes with the eyeliner brush and I found that the product applied rather easily. I've always been a fan of the 'felt tip' type eyeliners so this was a little different for me. The product has stayed on a few hours already and I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this set. 

Would you try this eyeliner?

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  1. I tried gel eye liner and the concept is sort of similar to this, but that rubbed off so quickly. I like my eye liner to be bold so this probably wouldn't work for me either. It does look good for a more natural look though! x


  2. Looks gorgeous! Great for when you want a more relaxed look xo


  3. looks beautiful on you, on me? nah i'd look like a panda, i know cos i've tried lol xx



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